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Monique Chapman’s Masterful Choices Radio Show presents information on how to live in the new “now”. We are no longer in a state of transition,we have arrived at our new state of being, welcome to our new world!

Monique Chapman’s Masterful Choices Radio Show is a five star international weekly radio program focusing on spiritual and personal expansion hosted by award winning producer and host Monique Chapman. Masterful Choices is heard live every Wednesday 5 to 7 PM Pacific Time on the

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Author Tina Gilbertson

Bestselling author BJ Gallagher

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Masterful Choices Radio Show

Monique Chapman provides an intuitive, inspirational, and empowering atmosphere which serves as the platform sanctioning confident choices leading to an empowered bountiful life. Monique Chapman’s Master Choices Radio Show showcases conversations with leading edge thought provoking guests from the realms of the paranormal, alternative healing methods, Intuition, the unexplained, conspiracies, the sciences, metaphysics, personal growth, and progressive issues who are uplifting consciousness. Monique was the host of Walking with Spirit Radio for 12 years.

Shows are 60 minutes in length and allowing time for audience interaction. Monique Chapman will answer your intuitive questions while providing for you a tool kit to create an abundant life.

Masterful Choices Radio Show provides a safe container to take you out of your comfort zone to reach heights never before envisioned. This is where change occurs. If you are unhappy with your life or you want to design a whole new way of being, living in the energy of happiness and harmony not survival mode, listen to Monique Chapman live, On Demand,or on iTunes.

If your goal is an incredibly prosperous life on all levels not just monetary, spend 60 minutes each week with Monique Chapman and create your Masterful Choices.

Monique has interviewed luminaries that have appeared on “Coast to Coast” and “The Oprah Show.” Tune in to listen to interviews with Gregg Braden, Dr. Larry Dossey, Dr. Bernie Siegel, Dr John Gray, Dr. Bruce Lipton, Joan Borysenko, PhD, the late Stuart Wilde, Eldon Taylor,Sonia Choquette, Neale Donald Walsch, Dan Millman, Dr. Erwin Laszlo, Astrologer Susan Miller, and many more.

Current Guest Lineup:



Astrologer Larry Martin

Larry is back with his star spangled banner cosmic weather report! What the heck happened last month and how can we recover this month. Mercury Rx is gone… Yeah! Find out what is in store for us in July. Taking your questions as always

Authors Mary Anne Radmacher / Liz Kalloch

Authors of ‘She – A celebration of Greatness in Every Woman’, shares how women can appreciate themselves and each other each hour of the day. Yes it is time to celebrate the divine Goddess in all women. They will discuss how women and soar and reach heights never before imagined before. Join us and get your Goddess on. Taking all questions


Bestselling author Jonathan Robinson

Do you want to grow your self-esteem and stop worrying about money? Want to become your own hero, set aside all judgments, forgive yourself and others? Jonathan book ‘Find Happiness Now – 50 Shortcuts for Bringing More Love, Balance, and Joy into your life’ will help. If you are struggling with these issues join us as we investigate how to quickly shift your energy to the positive. Taking your calls

Dr.Patti Conklin

Dr.Patti Conklin author if 'God Within - The Day God's Train Stopped' shares with us how our words truly impact our reality. We can turn around that negative thought train running through our mind and tune into the frequency of positive flow. Taking your questions on healing.

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