In this time of transformation most of us are looking for ways to create more money in our lives.

Before we can create more money we need be clear about our true feelings about money.

If you are constantly saying I can’t afford… or I am worried I can’t meet my bills this month, you do not have a good relationship with money.
Let me explain. Most people want enough money to take care of the basic necessities, some reserve money in the bank and enough ready cash to be able to enjoy life’s pleasures. As soon as we even think the phrase “I can’t afford” or we slip into worrying about money we place a huge energetic block before ourselves obstructing our flow of abundance. We are affirming that we do not trust that we will be taken care of by the Universe and we are affirming that we really have very negative feelings toward money. When was the last time you heard of a wealthy person saying the words “I can’t” when it came to money? I would wager never. Even Donald Trump who has gone bankrupt several times does not utter the words, “I can’t” when it comes to money.

In order to have a constant flow of money in our lives, it is important to be conscious of our words and thoughts about money. An easy way to get into the flow of thinking positively about money is to read one or all of the many “millionaire books” that are currently on the market. You may not become an overnight millionaire; however the terminology used will become second nature to you. As the terminology becomes familiar, you will be subconsciously changing your frequency and your thoughts about money. Once the subconscious gleans onto an idea, it energetically starts to attract that thought to you. Of course you have to do the physical work to make anything happen in life. Physical work and positive thoughts will raise your vibration to materialize what you say you want.

When was the last time you daydreamed positively about money? Take some time each day and fantasize about what you would do if all of your financial needs were met and you had a bit of extra time on your hands each and every day. Create your dream list. Make is as realistic or fanciful as you wish. Using your imagination will stimulate the subconscious. What do you have to lose? What could you possibly gain?
Happy Manifesting!

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