Peace troubadour James Twyman joins me to talk about love, healing, and his new book Giovanni and the Camino if St. Francis.

James has written a stunning novel about Anna, an Italian immigrant living in Portland, Oregon was Giovanni and the Camino of St. Francisshunned from her hometown of Assisi at age 16. She vowed that she would never return to the family who cast her out, but one day, while browsing a bookstore, a walking guide to the Camino of St. Francis falls and knocks her on the head. Reluctantly. she answers the call to return to Italy and walk in the steps of the humble Saint Francis in an attempt to reconcile the wounds of her past.

We Talk about

    Who St. Francis was
    What St. Francis stood for
    How James modeled the Peace Troubadour after St. Francis
    James becoming a Franciscan monk and living in Mexico
    James best selling book The Moses Code
    Collaboration with the late Dr. Wayne Dwyer
    Stepping out of faith
    Jame’s pilgrimage from California to the east coast completely on faith
    Do past lives really exist
    A Course in Miracles
    Finding the courage to open your heart
    How we can be instruments of peace in this troubled time
    Applying St. Francis message in today’s world

James Twyman is the author of 16 books, including the New York Times bestseller, The Moses Code, Known as the Peace Troubador, Twyman has been invited by world leaders and peace organizations to perform in countries like Iraq, Croatia, Bosnia, and South Africa. He is the founder of The Seminary of Spiritual peacemaking, which has ordained more than 600 ministers from around the world. He lives in Ajijic, Mexico and is the director of the Namaste Lake Chapala spiritual community.