Spirit Release

Spirit release is the cure for spirit possession.

What is Spirit Possession?

Spirit possession is the full or partial “assault” of a living human by a discarnate being. The being/entity may or may not have had a physical life. Given that, the being/entity lived a human life at some point in time; the surviving consciousness is called an earthbound spirit. The Cure? Spirit release therapy.

What Is A Spirit Attachment

Spirit Possession, Spirit Attachment or Entity Attachment are all one in the same.The entity becomes a parasite to the host causing illnesses and disorders that are not biologically logical for the host. Soul fragmentation occurs necessitating the recovery of the soul fragments and healing of the Soul.

What Are the Signs of Spirit Attachment?

“I keep going to the doctor for being short of breath, the tests came back, and they can’t medically find anything wrong, they referred me to psychiatry, I went, and I still feel that something is a bit off… wrong”.

Spirit attachment can manifest its presence/dominance over their host, with a broad range of intruding symptoms from a mild malaise to complete control. Being that, the attaching Spirit does not request or require the permission of the host.

Notable signs are:

  • Sudden and unexplained changes in behavior such as increased anger, depression, wanting to hurt others and continual thoughts of murder/suicide

  • Sudden cravings for alcohol, cigarettes, illicit drugs, especially if one does not typically use these substances
  • Spirit release therapy

  • Hearing voices
  • Sudden weight gain without a medical explanation
  • Fears and phobias – experiencing low and frightening energy

  • Spirit release therapy

  • Serious illness of unknown cause
  • Sudden and prolonged loss of energy

  • spirit release therapy

  • Memory and concentration problems
  • Severe personality disorders

  • spirit release therapy

  • Unexplained health/physical problems
  • Migraine headaches
  • Panic or anxiety attacks


What and Who Are Entities and Negative Energies?

The two most common types of entities are Earthbound spirits and Negative Energy forces. The spirit/soul is what survives after the death of the physical body. Often due to fear, spirits are confused about going to the light when their physical body dies.

Due to this fact, they continue to reside on the earth plane. In addition to this, they attach themselves to people, or places becoming a poltergeist, ghost or haunting spirit. As a matter fo fact, many spirits remain in the earth plane because they are unaware of having passed on.

When you hear of demonic energy, the reference is to energy that has never occupied a physical body. Moreover, this negative force seeks to destroy and disrupt as it does not know any other way of existing.

One school of thought is that negative energy originates from Lucifer or may be fallen, angels. On the other hand, keep in mind that these energetic forces are nothing more than energy. Consequently, it is our perception that we place upon them that “coins” them good or bad.

Many folks want to have a spirit around them as a sense of comfort. In my practice, I advise against this. Having spirits in our energy field on a consistent basis opens the door for additional energies to join the party. The greatest gift one can give themselves to know what their personal energy feels like and to remove any energy that is not organic.

In that case, it is always prudent to ask any spirit where they come from and how they came to be. A real simple question to ask is “are you from the divine light? Spirit is compelled to always tells the truth if you ask.


How Do They Attach to us?

Entities attach to humans when we are at a low energy point or when our soul has left the body for any reason. Fear, depression, angst, and foul moods, alcoholism or drug use ( yes even prescription drugs) open the door for spirit attachment. As a result, an earthbound spirit may attach to the aura or body of a person while they are in a state of weakness or unconscious for any reason.

When visiting a hospital, cemetery or funeral home you are opening yourself up to “entertaining” and inviting these energies into your aura.

Always place the White Light of Christ around you before frequenting such places. Other ways of attracting unwanted energy is an organ transplant (the organ donors energy can follow the transplanted organ into the new body), a head injury, blood transfusion, drugs or excessive alcohol.

When our bodies are out of “its natural rhythm” it can act a magnet for negative energy or energy discordant to its own and open a person for attachment.

By the way, by using occult tools that you don’t fully understand such as an Ouija Board, you are placing a casting call for these energies to take up residence.

Childhood abuse, rape, incest, or any circumstance that promotes fear open the portal for entities to attach. Once the entity gains entry, it leaves a hole or tear in your aura. Then the portal is opened which allows for more attachments to join either the host or “piggyback” on the original attachment.

Spirit Release Therapy is a spiritual healing modality used to cleanse a person of attachments and negative energies.


What Is Spirit Release Therapy?

Spirit Release Therapy is the process used to release attachments from living people. This depossession process can be done in person or from a distance which is called remote clearing. Distance work is possible because everything that exists is energy. When we tap into the energy field of a person with an attachment, it is possible to discern their energy from the foreign energy.

Remote spirit depossession often occurs without the conscious knowledge of the individual who is in need of healing. If a parent is concerned about a minor child, they can give permission by proxy for the work to be done. Permission is always requested and granted from that person’s higher self or if working with a child their parent before the session begins.

Spirits caught in the act

Spirit release therapy

My husband’s deceased father hugging him at his mother’s birthday party. Notice the thumb around his right shoulders and fingers around the left side.

Who Does the Procedure?

Spirit Release Therapy is administered by hypnotherapists, shamans or others who have undertaken specific training in this discipline. Commonly therapist are well versed in metaphysical knowledge, parapsychology, and even possibly religion./p>

People who perform this type of healing are known as “spiritual warriors.” A successful Spirit Depossession/SRT session could happen in one session. Be that as it may, the norm is several sessions may be required. It is important to recognize that the energy has had the opportunity to build up over time. Conversely, it will take time and dedication for a full release.

The number of sessions depends on how many entities are present, their willingness to readily leave. Your subconscious desire to release the entities also plays a large part. Inevitably the host has become so familiar with the parasites energy it has forgotten the essence of their organic energy. Therefore subconsciously you want to hold on to the energetic imprint that has become familiar.

Spirit Release Therapy or Exorcism; what’s the difference?

Spirit Release Therapy is different from exorcism. Exorcism, usually performed by a member of the clergy, is a procedure to cast out demons. In the Spirit Release Therapy process, the entity is spoken to directly and shown a “better” way to live by going elsewhere never to harm another human. To that end, going into the light is just one option.

Specifically, in the process of release, the entity receives a healing and will not return to the host or anyone else as a negative parasite. Please understand that the entity has to agree to be healed, to leave the host and to go where it can never invade another host.

If the aforementioned does not happen, the procedure will not be successful. The same holds true for earthbound attachments. Because of the depth of my understanding and success, I am an expert at obtaining that agreement.

Once the unwanted energy vacates, the healing occurs the aura of the affected. Even more, the chakras balanced, and the energy field sealed with the Divine Light.


Does This Really Help People?

The spirit release procedure in and of itself is not dangerous or frightening once a client is aware of the reality of the situation. However what is dangerous is the energy or entity residing within the soul or aura of the client. The residing energy has the capability of overtaking the therapist, therefore, having two hosts to feed on.

For this reason, a therapist who is a trained expert in depossession is paramount. Even more, the therapist should also be an expert in the art of extreme protection. The therapist should have no fear of the client nor the entity. If fear exists, the process will not only fail the entity can expand their energy to others.

Spirit Depossession’s/SRT has been a great benefit to many but is not necessarily a magic bullet. To put it another way, once a person is “cleared,” their own Soul’s signature energy returns and they begin to feel like their usual self. Most people will notice a shift right away. With this in mind, Monique gives aftercare information which keeps one energetic footprint as clear as possible.

People seek out Spirit Release Therapy after all other efforts using other healing methods have failed. Traditional therapy has not embraced this form of healing. Being depossessed is a safe and efficient tool for use when you are ready to go beyond allopathic medicine.

Fear -Anger – Guilt – Jealousy

Below are just a few examples of negative energies generated for various reasons. Negative thoughts take many forms and affect people in many different ways. Here is a small sampling of the kinds of negativity that can be cleared by Spirit Release Therapy:

  • Accidental childhood “programming” by an authority figure, such as “You’re stupid. You’ll never learn anything.” “You’re just a wild animal.” “You’re an absolute klutz.” “Can’t you do anything right?”
  • Psychic attack by another person (you may not even be aware of their feelings toward you). Another person’s anger, jealousy or other negativity toward you may be strong enough to constitute a psychic attack on you. Conversely, your negativity toward others may psychically attack them, even without your conscious intent to “attack.”
  • A “curse” is an extreme form of psychic attack. People who practice the black arts sometimes perform certain rituals to initiate this type of activity.
  • Environments, places, and objects can harbor or hold residual vibrations from past negative actions associated with them.An excellent example of this is battlefields or disaster sites such as airline crashes, the twin towers monument in NYC.
  • Relationships that have ended unhappily or unpleasantly may leave negative “strings or cords” attached. Negative “bonds” are incredibly powerful.


If you think you may have an issue with Spirit Possession, contact Monique Chapman for a 30-minute consultation. The consultation fee is $100. During the 30 minutes, Monique will access your situation and provide essential tools for you to manage the energy. If the mutual decision to move forward with the therapy session occurs the $100, consultation fee reduces the total spirit release therapy cost. Example: The spirit release session is $500 – the $100 consultation fee is applied toward the session leaving a $400 balance.

Spirit Release Therapy sessions are 3 hours in length. Fee: $500 per session.

If you decide to move forward with a meeting, Monique will email you the intake sheet and contract needed to secure the appointment. Both the intake sheet and contract must be completely and honestly filled out, or we will not move forward.

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