Personal Intuitive Consultation

Intuitive consultant Monique Chapman provides personal intuitive consultations for all aspects of life.

Intuitive Consultant Monique Chapman can help you solve your problems!

intuitive consultant metaphysician

    Are you:

  • Frustrated about your financial situation?
  • Perplexed over a major life decision?
  • Feeling off -kilter about your love life and or relationships in general?
  • Suffered a loss and now feel incapacitated?
  • Lost your spiritual connection?
  • Underwent an emotional trauma that left you feeling overwhelmed?
  • Experiencing the feeling of being unempowered in general?

intuitive consultant metaphysician

Intuitive consultant Monique Chapman consultations shifts your energy raises your vibration, therefore, you create a happier life.


How does an intuitive lifestyle consultation improve your life?

Intuitive consultant Monique Chapman has access to your answers. Whether you are stressed, depressed, possessed, or just looking for direction in life, Monique can help. Above all, when you are ready to let go of the invisible shackles that hold you back, schedule your session with Monique.

During your Intuitive Lifestyle Consultation, you’ll receive accurate, valid information to shift the energy in your life to the positive. As such, intuitive consultant, Monique Chapman uses her innate intuitive skills to say nothing of practical information to provide expert advice. She helps you to break through the blocks of fear and worry that keep you in a word trapped.

What results can one expect?

The result is the roadmap for your personal success. The bottom line is you will feel a tremendous weight lifted from your shoulders. Accordingly, you receive the keys to unlock your door to wealth, health, loving relationships, happiness, and spiritual/personal development. Therefore the abundant life that your soul was meant to live is waiting for you now.

What should one expect during the consultation?

Your consultation begins with an analysis of your aura and chakras. Even more, any communication from life-affirming spiritual beings. The next step is to answer the questions regarding your concern(s).

Yes, …questions. Above all, prepare your questions in advance. It is important to know the areas you wish to focus. By establishing where you are at in your life now, and identifying where it is you want to go, Monique Chapman can provide you with your truth to make your masterful choices which produce success on all levels.

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Business Hours:
Monday – Friday: 9 AM – 9 PM
Saturday: 10 AM – 6 PM
Sunday: By appointment only

Phone: 888 240-6057 (toll free)
Monique’s Direct Line: 510-578-8612

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When you have clarity about knowing what you want to experience, your vibe shifts attracting what you request. Not only having clarity, one should be able to feel the essence of what one wants. As a result, you reach your goal of reclaiming your power. Therefore creating the life of your dreams.

Healing tools used in your consultation

During your consultation I use my proprietary energy healing tools to:

  • Break up negative energy patterns
  • Energize your aura
  • Clear blockages in your physical body

How does Monique access a person’s energy?

Examining your soul’s energy footprint is serious business. Monique will take an in-depth look into yourintutive consultant metaphysician
Soul’s essence. For this reason, Monique will offer a clear path to your healing. Your souls’ energy is your energetic signature for all of your lives past, present and future.

On the other hand, if you wish to play stump the psychic, please contact someone else. Don’t waste your money or Monique’s time. Finally, Monique will share tools for you to use that keep your energy field as clear as possible.

In the end, you have the information needed to command the highest outcome for your life right now. Consequently, you have the tools at hand to assist with your future growth. Experience the powerful energy shift of an intuitive consultation with Monique Chapman today.

By using the powerful tools provided during your session, everyone who is willing to make a commitment to themselves to embrace positive change, ( in other words, yes you have to show up and work on your issues with my guidance) becomes empowered.

The process is twofold- initially, giving an assessment and guidance for your most immediate concerns. Secondly providing a healing around your challenges while teaching how you can access this energy for yourself. Take advantage of this highly effective intuitive consultation today! Confidentiality is assured in all services offered.

Intuitive Lifestyle Consultation with Monique Chapman
are available by appointment via:

Phone · Skype · In Person · Gallery Consultations

Phone Intuitive Consultation

In Person Intuitive Consultation

75 minutes $300
Serving all relationship preferences

Gallery Consultation
$30.00 per person 10 person minimum

Monique will travel to you San Francisco Bay Area!
60 minutes minimum $240 – each additional 30 minutes $120 (Contact Monique for details)

Method of payment USD: Major Credit Cards – PayPal- Debit – Money Order -Cash

Tax Deduction

Your Intuitive Lifestyle consultations or coaching sessions with Monique Chapman can be deductible as a business expense. We will happily provide you with a receipt or invoice upon request. Please consult your tax professional for further advice.

Appointment Setting/Cancellation Policy: A valid credit card number is necessary to confirm your scheduled consultation (unless payment is sent in advance using a money order). A 48-hour notice is required to cancel or reschedule your appointment at no charge. Full payment will be charged for missed appointments or cancellations within 24 hours of scheduled appointment. Any appointment made the same day, and not kept will be charged for the full time of the appointment. Consultations given between the hours of midnight and 7 AM Pacific Time will be charged a $200 surcharge in addition to the actual length of consultation. If you wish to pay via a money order, payment must be received by Monique Chapman and cleared by the bank before the consultation is given. All cancellations must be in writing and emailed to Monique Chapman. All sales final.

Contacting Monique Chapman/Healing Visions and or using any of the services on this site constitutes your knowledge and acceptance of the Terms of Use

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