Emotional healing for the body, mind and soul

A Holistic Healing lifestyle approach is the foundation of Monique healing system, The Actualizer Healing Method™

Approaching healing from the standpoint of the addressing the whole person permits deep healing. To that end, healing happens at the cellular level of our being. Even more, holistic healing is not a band-aid approach; holistic healing works on the spiritual, emotional, mental and physical aspects of the soul.

This blissful but sometimes arduous journey brings into alignment any imbalance to homeostasis. Because of this, the human bio ecosystem creates harmony.

Once the belief that one can heal, is established the door is opened for relationships, your environment, and body to heal. Similarly, when we decide to believe that we can improve our health, our energetic signature right down to the cellular and soul level aligns to repair our broken system.

Holistic healing

Monique Chapman offers a variety of Holistic Healing Therapies. She is a firm believer in utilizing allopathic medicine in conjunction with integrative and complementary approaches. That is to say, healing, in general, is not a one size fits all solution.

Seek out a holistic healer and doctor with whom you resonate. The personality match is just as important as the practitioners’ skill set. To that end, don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Healing Philosophy

Core healing happens when the root cause of the dis-ease is exposed. Because of this, yes- it is possible to achieve optimal health. To put it another way, the principle goal of holistic healing is to help one gain their proper balance in life. Everyone’s bio ecosystem is different. Holistic healing offers various unique techniques. Given these points, holistic healing is not cookie cutter healing.

The healing of the physical body is only one component of holistic healing. When our ecosystems are damaged, it shows up initially as physical uneasiness. Consequently, under those circumstances, one is out of sync with their body, the environment, relationships, and even the amount of human kindness shown to others.

Subsequently, the energy work component of holistic healing helps with releasing the core of the pain and negative belief system that created the dis-ease in the first place.

The Actualizer Healing Method™ is a proven holistic healing modality facilitating the swift dissolution of outdated belief systems and physical dis-ease. It eradicates the discordant energy that has taken up residence within our nervous system and etheric energy fields. Because of this, revitalization occurs at the core level. As a result, the program’s emphasis is geared toward the personal and spiritual development of the whole person.

What can one expect?

The resulting integration of these powerful healing factors produces someone who can win living authentically in today’s world. Consequently, one becomes a fully self-actualized being. The Actualizer Healing Method™ quickly delves into these recessed areas with the intention of healing from the core being outward. To that end, The Actualizer Healing Method™, therefore, provides the answer to the two most daunting age old questions – Who am I and what is my life purpose.

The Actualizer Healing Method™

Monique is the creator of the life-changing proprietary healing system, The Actualizer Healing Method™. That is to say, this modality encompasses the whole of the human bio ecosystem, revealing the self-actualized self. When the self-actualized self is achieved, any existing imbalance comes into alignment which leads optimal function.

The program is geared toward folks who have previously done work on themselves. These individuals understand there is a process for the energy to shift. Because of this, they are now ready to move beyond all previous expectations. By applying the lessons learned via The Actualizer Healing Method™ you will quickly find out how to make masterful choices to create the life you want to live.

The Actualizer Healing Method™ is a proven holistic healing modality facilitating the swift dissolution of outdated belief systems. Furthermore, it eradicates any dis-ease that has taken up residence within our nervous system and etheric energy fields. Being that, revitalization occurs at your core level. The program’s emphasis is toward the personal and spiritual development of the whole person.

The resulting integration of these powerful healing factors produces an entirely competent person living authentically in today’s world. The Actualizer Healing Method™ quickly delves into these recessed areas for the purpose of healing from our core systems outward. The Actualizer Healing Method™ ultimately provides the answer to the two most daunting age old questions “Who am, I and what my life purpose.”

What if…

holistic healing

Your life could be dramatically better 24 weeks from now?

Do you love yourself enough to step into your uncomfortable zone coming out the other side a brand new you, with a new level knowing and renewed life force?

As a final point, begin your pursuit for self-actualization in order to create great success, and enhanced spiritual power. Call Monique today!

Identifiable results of The Actualizer Healing Method™ are :

  • Restored sense of clarity in your life
  • Assist you in making the critical life decisions
  • Open your ability to love self and others without judgment
  • Exponentially expand your abundance and prosperity
  • Raise your frequency and vibration
  • Acquire clarity on the direction of your life’s path
  • Clearly define your boundaries in order to know when to move forward, when to hold steady, or more importantly,when to walk away
  • Empower you to live life as you choose and thrive, not just survive
  • Above all,recognize when your equilibrium is off and use the tools shared to quickly bring stability back again

To that end,just two questions

1. Are you indeed ready and willing to embrace a new you?
2. More importantly, are you ready to move forward and create your miracles?

holistic healing

Additional benefits of The Actualizer Healing Method™ you gain entry into your world of inner power, life purpose, fulfillment, and greatness. In as much, the program provides the tools to achieve your self actualization. Thus, overcoming the obstacles that have held you hostage in life.

If you are a person who thrives with a systematic solution approach to life. the Actualizer Healing Method™ program provides that systematic solution

The Actualizer Healing Method™ program is 6 months in length. Each week you will have a new Actualizer lesson with regards to your specific issues.

The initial session is 60 minutes in length the subsequent sessions are 30 minutes in length.

If you require additional coaching via the phone, 45-minute sessions are offered for $80 which is half off the list price. Three FREE follow-up emails are available each week specifically to review lesson questions you may have.

holistic healing

Each week an assignment will be given which allows you to become very intimate with yourself facilitating the process of change. All information is disseminated on a weekly basis to curtail jumping ahead and not giving full attention to the task at hand. Your six months of study/transformation will be intense; however, to that end, you will have a renewed sense of self and a higher vibrating spirit.

This is what you get:

Encouragement, support, education, guidance, healing, a transformational interactive community of kindred spirits.

  • Affirmations that work
  • Guided visualizations and one hypnosis session
  • Transformation of your obstacles
  • Spiritual transformation
  • Ideas, materials, tools and techniques
  • Practical and spiritual wisdom
  • Creative inspiration, stories
  • Action steps to take your experience into the world

Considering this, transformation is safely provided in an atmosphere of tender loving care.

The program fee is $ $888, which can be broken down into 5,4,3,2 or 1 payment. No finance fees charged. No refunds after the second class. A contract and intake form will be emailed to your upon acceptance into the program.

  • 2 payments = $444 each
  • 3 payments = $296 each
  • 4 payments = $222 each
  • 5 payments = $177.60 each

Contact Monique Chapman if you need to make other arrangements. No reasonable payment plan refused.

Additional program advantages: Valued at over $500

Half price consultations and healings while an active student.

FREE I AM THAT I AM class and activation a $179 value.

A Spiritual Community offering an array of holistic services and energy practices for personal and spiritual development.


Business Hours:
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Sunday: By appointment only

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Email: monique@moniquechapman.com

Intuitive Living Newsletter

It has been an internal transformative experience working with Monique Chapman and The Actualizer Healing Method™. I started the program in June 2013 and within a few months had the confidence to move, quit my job that no longer was serving me, and build the loving and strong relationship that I always wanted with my husband. I truly appreciate the space that Monique holds for me to heal myself and the support she provides me to face my personal growth cycles. For example, I was holding a deep grief within my heart from the passing of my grandmother. This grief also caused physical ailments unexplainable by my primary care physician. I am grateful to Monique for the assistance she has provided in helping me let go of the grief and opening my heart to loving myself and others. Also, my chest has completely opened and I no longer have any pain and inflammation. During this time of transition, Monique has provided me with the tools and guidance to become the person that I always wanted to be. I am finally able to accomplish goals that I’ve had set for many years. I recently completed a Positive Affirmation and Sound Healing CD with my husband. This program allowed me to release my energetic blocks and I was able to work with my husband from a space of pure positive intention and integrate both of our passions. I look forward to continue working with Monique so I can clearly see all the life purpose goals set forth for me and continue to ‘walk’ my path. I am truly grateful to have started working with the Actualizer Healing Method™ as its allowed so many positive changes in my life.`Renee Rowe December 2013

Don’t let another day slip by not living uo to your full potential! Contact Monique today!