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Home clearings and blessings rid your home of unwanted energy.

Home clearings and blessings will release negative energy from your living space. Everything in the universe consists of energy. We can see slow, dense energy with our physical eyes (our bodies, anything we perceive to be physical). Moreover, higher frequency energies such as air are accessible to us via our extrasensory perception. The energetic blueprint of human beings appears as a slow, dense vibration. Additionally, this dense vibration leaves an energetic imprint wherever we go.

Our energy imprint contains the powerful feelings or emotions that we experience at any given moment. Thus it is the accumulation of these highly charged emotions in our energetic imprint that is either detrimental or beneficial to the physical places we occupy. Discarnate beings, ghosts, entities, ghouls, and even some insects are attracted to this energy field when the vibration is very low.

Is it possible to never have negative energy in my space?

All dwellings and land on earth are a repository for our energetic debris, affecting anyone who lives in any domicile. Have you ever passed through a room or building and immediately felt uncomfortable? The feelings and emotions that we experience when we enter a room are the energies left by previous inhabitants. When we vacate the premises, we add to the energetic mix. Therefore, the negative energetic debris of anger, fear, frustration, violence and depression are more readily absorbed.

Outdated belief systems and negative thought “patterning’s” holding on to these energy patterns block forward movement and positive change. Energy loves to follow form, and our working and living spaces provide prime real estate for mental and emotional energies, disembodied beings and other energetic beings to dwell within. You have heard the saying “if walls could talk”? Apply that adage to every place on earth.

If you live out in nature, your space is relatively clear. Why? Nature is a natural energy custodian. Remember the last time you spent time outside. How did your energy shift? How long did it take for you to feel better? Most of the time the change it is instantaneous.

Home clearing and blessing

Notice the energy streaming from Monique’s hand

How can a home clearing or blessing make your life better?

By removing unwanted and unintended energy from your space, you create mental and emotional balance. A mental state of well-being, lightness, and clarity follow. Thus allowing a home or business to feel much more peaceful and calm.

Once stale negative vibration energy is cleared and replaced with high-frequency energy, you can feel the invigorating energy in your home or office fill with positive life affirming energy. Home clearing and blessing bring happiness and contentment. The result is clarity of vision and peace of mind. The clearing reestablishes a feeling of protection and safety to your surroundings.

How to identify a disturbed home

home clearing and blessing

Did you know that violence, arguments, drug use, and even death can affect home or office space. If fact those energies can affect any space. Besides affecting humans, the energy can cause great determent to our pets. Do you have adolescents or teens with angst living at home? Theory energy can produce poltergeist energy. The people are not bad at all; it is the tension of the energy their bodies release that attracts negative energy.

Are you experiencing?

  • A string of bad luck
  • Flying objects within your space
  • Heating voices
  • Smell weird odors
  • Have the sensation of being touched – especially at night
  • Have an infestation of ants or wasps
  • Hear objects falling/crashing at night
  • Appliance and machines breaking down at the same time
  • Seen a ghost?
  • Experiencing electrical disturbances?

These are the signs of negative harmful energy.

Whether blessing a house or facilitating in the removal of negative, harmful energy, your home is left free of “unwanted guests.” Instructions for follow through and maintenance work in written form is left to continue holding the highest vibration that your house/home can hold.

Every home contains emotional imprints and energy. The house carries the energy imprint of all previous occupants. Because of this, people may feel very uncomfortable in your home.

Have you ever had a house guest for an extended time and your home just didn’t feel right once they left? Well, you were experiencing the energetic imprint left behind by your guests. Your home should contain the energy of the current occupants and the current occupants only. It is prudent to “white wash” the energy of your home similar to spring cleaning the physical home.

What can you do to clear your home?

Using the scents of lavender, pine, and white sage is especially useful. Be creative in how you infuse these scents into your home to put your “personal stamp” on the energy in your home. Smudging your domicile with white sage is an effective method to cleanse the energy. The use of salt is also very practical. I love the use of sea salt sprinkled over the window sills, doorways and in the corners of each room. Use your intention to remove the unwanted energy as you are scattering small amounts of salt around your home.

When to call a professional

If you have used the processes above and you feel your home is still “funky” then it is time to call Monique Chapman.

Monique is available for home cleansing and blessings. The investment of time runs between 1.5 to 2.5 hours for cleansing and blessings.


  • Homes 1500 sq. ft. and under – $250
  • 1501 – 2499 sq. ft. – $350
  • 2500 – 4000 sq. ft. – $450
  • 4001 – 6000 sq. ft. – $550
  • 6000+ sq. ft. – Call for quote

Travel fee may apply.

Is your home on the market and not selling?

home clearing/blessing

Realtors and homeowners have employed my services when they can’t seem to “move” a house. The house shows great and priced right for the market. However, it sits on the market unsold.

I have had great success in cleansing the home of dark, discordant, stuck, and unwanted energies. Thus allowing the “spirit” of the house to cooperate with the sale and welcome the new owners.

Do Realtors truly believe in home clearings and blessings?

There is an immediate energy shift, and the house seems to come alive as if it has taken a refreshing shower. Monique Chapman has been interviewed by The Corcoran Group a leading Real Estate Company in New York City regarding the effectiveness of her work with energy clearing for a segment on Good Morning America.

The property that a building sits on also carries the consciousness of the builders, previous owners, and occupants retaining vibrations of traumatic events. Additionally, ley lines, vortexes and energy portals affect land. The area surrounding your home carries the vibration of your living space and the energy of everything that has happened around it. Phew! That is a lot of energy! The good news – the energy will be healed!

It is very common to discover indications of deceased owners wandering the land claiming it is rightfully theirs. Are you a homeowner or Realtor, and you are sitting on a sluggish property? You can benefit from having the energetic imprint of previous owners or occupants removed.

Monique will remove the energetic imprint of the builders. Upon clearing a property, an agreed upon intention is installed to attract the precise buyer with desirable financing ensuring that the escrow concludes without obstacles. Of course, the plan is always to create a win/win situation for the highest good of everyone involved.

Business Clearings and Blessings

Businesses offer the opportunity for numerous types of complex energies to exist. Do you operate a home based business or are a corporate titan? No matter, as all kinds of energy will find its way to your premises.

Does your business have a strong, clear intention and vision for success? If the answer is yes, home clearing and blessingcongratulations!

However, your business can still be adversely affected by negative energy thought forms. As a matter of fact, all it takes is for one person acting from self-interest and not supporting the goals of the company to sabotage the business. Have you ever paid attention to how the energy of a workplace shifted to the positive after a negative energy emitting person either quit or was let go? With the detrimental energy eliminated the energetic structure of the business replaces the negative “void” with active – on goal and mission oriented energy.

Positive business energy increases growth and cancels out negative energy thoughtforms, Additionally, as the company goes through the normal growth cycles, employees who are resistant to change can bring about the negative thought forms. Breaking down and clearing out this newly created negative energy increases the business opportunity for success.

Every business has competition. If your competitors are jealous of your success, they can sabotage your business efforts energetically. To put it another way, instead of implementing positive changes to grow their individual businesses, their negative intentions can result in destructive energy being “sent” to your business. All of this energy can be removed and replaced with energetic boundaries of positive intent and astounding success.

Monique Chapman to the rescue!

Monique has over 25 years experience assisting business owners with the success of their businesses. Because of today’s changing economic climate, prudent business owners are taking advantage of every opportunity to gain the competitive edge. Monique is available to assist you in improving the energetic imprint of your business. Contact her and inquire how you can benefit from her services.

Fee varies depending on services required. Call for quote.

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