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Intuitive consultations with Monique Chapman are conducted in person in the San Francisco Bay Area,via Skype or telephone world wide.

Intuitive consultations with Monique Chapman are conducted in person in the San Francisco Bay Area, via Skype or telephone worldwide.

Monique is a leading expert on the topic of intuition and energy healing. Intuitive consultations with Monique delves deep into your souls’ essence enabling you to receive the accurate answers to heal your most pressing concerns. Monique shares the information with you as she receives it. Direct from The Divine with no filters.Consultations are given for all areas in life. You receive an analysis and healing of your aura and chakras. Past life information is shared on request.

Intuitive consultations with Monique Chapman are presented with clear and balanced options. You have the freedom to make your informed masterful choice regarding your life. You retain your power at all times. Monique does not program you; she presents the options.


Peering into your souls’ essence is serious business. Therefore, it is best to prepare your questions ahead of time and schedule your intuitive consultation with Monique Chapman at a time when you can be focused, relaxed, and not disturbed.

soul connection

Monique connects with your Souls energy where she can see the path of your Soul’s existence past, present, and future. At times the energy of your soul appears as colors or symbols. It can also manifest as impressions or insights in the form of a stream of words combined with symbols.

The information provided helps you to make the masterful choice for your particular situation.The goal of each consultation gives you clear and accurate information that will renew your spirit. With a renewed spirit you can navigate through the tough times while staying grounded and centered. Additionally, information is shared to assist in making your optimal choice for an enhanced life. The intuitive consultation provides answers to create the life your Soul contracted for you to live this life. You will discover your life purpose, who you truly are and what you are to bring forward to the world in this incarnation.<

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Abundant blessings along your journey! Namaste


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Monique Chapman is not a physician, licensed therapist or healthcare practitioner. Monique is an intuitive consultant also known as psychic. Monique’s advice, information, and suggestions are not intended to replace professional guidance from your licensed practitioners. Please seek professional advice from your licensed therapist, healthcare practitioners and or medical doctors.

Must be at least 18 years of age. Code of Ethics/ Privacy Policy: All clients are treated in a professional manner. All personal information is held in complete confidence. Your information is NEVER sold to a third party. It is my commitment to provide and maintain the highest trust and confidence with each client.


A Spiritual Community offering an array of holistic services and energy practices for personal and spiritual development.


Business Hours:
Monday – Friday: 9 AM – 9 PM
Saturday: 10 AM – 6 PM
Sunday: By appointment only

Phone: 888 240-6057 (toll free)
Monique’s Direct Line: 510-578-8612

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“Having a session with Monique is like a prescription for the soul” ~ G. Garrone – G Creative Advertising Agency