Author Kevin Murphy opens the door to happiness in his book The Three Rooms: Change Your Thoughts Change Your Life.

Our happiness and unhappiness in life is always the result of our thoughts – whether observations of the present, memories of the past and projected fears of the future,

Is your mind residing in The Past Room where regrets, past hurts, painful memories, grudges or other memories are impacting your today?  Or perhaps you are hanging out in The Future Room where worry, anxiety or fear haunt you daily?

Kevin Murphy shows the way to manage your emotions, broaden your consciousness and intentionally manifest form The Present Room without incurring the roadblocks and obstacles that are endemic to the to other rooms.

We Talk about

The Three Rooms

  • The importance of answering the question Where am I?
  • The Past Room
  • The Present Room
  • The Future Room
  • How to identify in which room your thoughts reside
  • How to switch rooms with ease
  • Manifesting from the Present Room
  • Creating overall happiness is a choice
  • Mantra your way to happiness
  • Nature raises your vibe for happiness
  • Managing stress in the Three Rooms
  • Power of your every thought
  • Control emotions in The Three Rooms


Kevin Murphy is a former Wall Street managing director, high school and collegiate wrestling champion, community activist, speaker, coach, and author of the book The Three Rooms.