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Monique Chapman Intuitive Lifestyle Consultant

Who is Monique Chapman Intuitive Lifestyle Consultant, Metaphysician?

Monique Chapman is an internationally renowned highly respected Intuitive Consultant, Metaphysician, and Holistic Healer. Above all, she helps folks with identifying and overcoming difficulties in all areas of life. From an objective perspective, Monique can help you recognize the areas in your life that cause stress and strife. More importantly, she offers useful recommendations coupled with intuitive insight to bring your life back into balance. Therefore, you thrive.

Monique Chapman teaches spiritual, intuitive, and personal development. In addition to being an intuitive consultant and metaphysician,she is a Reiki Master Teacher, Clinical Hypnotherapist, and creator of The Actualizer Healing Method™. As a media personality, Monique has appeared on national TV, radio, and in print. She is the producer and hosts the syndicated podcast Get Over It! Podcast! The podcast focuses on using spiritual and self-help tools helping you create a better life.

Monique is an ordained minister associated with the Universal Life Church and holds a doctorate in Metaphysics. As a result, Monique founded Healing Visions Ministries for the purpose of outreach to help others create a better life.

Originally from a small town in upstate New York, Monique currently resides with her family in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Monique is considered to be a very accurate intuitive consultant and holistic healer. She uses the tools of clairvoyance, clairsentience, and clairaudience to tap into your energy field at the soul level. However, she believes no one is 100% accurate as that right belongs to for ‘The Divine.” Additionally, she believes the timing of events can be a bit delicate to predict because you have the choice and free will to create or destroy at your pace.

A highly skilled Holistic Healer, Monique has provided over three decades of phenomenal energy work. Above all, Monique’s proprietary healing system,‘The Actualizer Healing Method™’ encourages people to live fulfilling lives.

How can Monique help you?

Monique’s goal as an intuitive consultant and metaphysician simply put, is to help you live your daily life with excellence. Due to her success as an Intuitive Consultant and her expertise and respect for anonymity she has attracted some of the most influential names in the entertainment, professional, medical, and political worlds.

Intuitive consultant and metaphysician, Monique Chapman has earned the trust of everyday people by providing trustworthy, practical, and pinpointed guidance. Specifically, she gives counsel for life’s issues regarding love, money, business decisions, spiritual growth, relationships, career, finances, and travel plans.

Utilizing her innate intuitive abilities she is simultaneously in touch with the past, present, and future eliminating static and paving the way for clarity. Because of this, she has developed an extensive list of loyal followers.

How can Monique Chapman assist you with discovering your life purpose?

It is Monique’s intention to promote peace of mind, inspiration, and help you connect with your truth. Once connected with your true essence, you awaken to your purpose on Earth in this incarnation. With this intention, she teaches how to identify and relieve stress, balance work, home, and find lasting love. The result is you become grounded and subsequently have clarity on what is cluttering your mind and life. In other words, once you reach a state of clarity, the magic happens.


By looking into your soul and reading your energetic footprint on a multi-dimensional level, Monique gains access to the core or “soul” if you will, of your concerns. Then together you map out a strategy to enhance your life and the next steps to take.

In other words, as a team, we change the composition of your plan, to create a clear and inspiring path for attaining your goals. In short, Monique guides you along your path, giving you the keys to unlock your blocks to help you heal your visions.

Monique is not a fortune telling psychic. She does not predict world events or what you will experience in your life next week. She does consult and strategize with you. Thus allowing you to see alternative paths to achieving your goals creating your success in life.

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Business Hours:
Monday – Friday: 9 AM – 9 PM
Saturday: 10 AM – 6 PM
Sunday: By appointment only

Phone: 888 240-6057 (toll free)
Monique’s Direct Line: 510-578-8612

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Monique Chapman says…

“I’m respected for my compassion, sensitivity,accuracy, and love when counseling, healing, providing intuitive lifestyle consultations, giving spiritual advice, providing energy work, teaching basic through advanced metaphysics and providing pastoral guidance. I’m a third generation Metaphysician trained in Western, Eastern, Caribbean, and African methodologies.”

Fantastic News!

I have been mentioned in the book Register Of The United States And World’S Best And Most Trusted Psychics Mediums And Healers by Maximillien de Lafayette as the 53rd best and most trusted psychic in the world!. Thank you to everyone for your continued support of my work.

My Philosophy

monique chapman intuitive lifestyle consultant,metaphysician, intuitive consultantWhen you come to this planet, you come here for the purpose of fulfilling your soul’s contractual agreement for this lifetime. The lessons and goals you have agreed to experience for the spiritual development and advancement of your Soul are exposed as your human persona develops. Consequently, these lessons and goals are the agreements you made with ‘The Divine’ (source or whoever you consider God/’The Divine’ to be).

At any rate, the lessons you contracted to learn are part of your unique contribution to the Universe. In essence, individual predestined experiences are necessary for the development of your Soul. On the other hand, because of free will, there is much you can change, and much you do have control over.

The concept of free will and making your masterful choice to be a multi-dimensional being is the underpinnings of being an unlimited spirit living a limited human experience. Often doing your soul’s work can be both challenging and simultaneously rewarding. That being the case, the guidance of an intuitive lifestyle consultant reflecting your Soul’s journey back to you provides a fresh perspective for life’s transitions

How does the transformation happen?

Using my natural talent and practical experience, I will help you see the events your Soul has pre-planned for your life experience. Furthermore, I identify the areas you can adjust to avoid needless hardship. In a like manner, I will help you see how you can control much of your destiny by providing accurate and precise direction.

That being the case, you have complete control at all times over your life. Moreover, I will not program you. Nothing substitutes for common sense, good judgment and wisely using the information presented.

As a final point, while I do not endorse or subscribe to any particular religion as a metaphysician, my spiritual practices, centered in ancient traditions embrace all belief systems. That being the case, I honor all faiths and bless those who find comfort in their religious beliefs.

Richest blessings to you on your journey as you step forward in life.


“Monique’s loving, compassionate approach creates magic and inspires emotional healing thus enabling her clients to reach a higher path of multidimensional consciousness and awareness through metaphysical knowledge.”

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