Intuitive Entertainment/psychic party is a cool and stylish way to have a party that’s talked about for years!

Intuitive consultant Monique Chapman will make your special party/event a happy memory for years to come.

Monique Chapman provides a variety of plans to make the intuitive entertainment phase of your party a grand success. Accordingly, all parties presented in a fun, festive, uplifting and positive atmosphere.

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Psychic Party

Intuition Circle

Corporate Events

Feng Shui Parties

Holiday Themed Parties
High School Reunion

The most common questions asked at these events are centered around:

  • Love
  • Relationships
  • Money
  • Well-being
  • Work
  • Balancing of daily life

As a result, your guest dismisses any inhibitions subsequently opening up to the energy of love and support.

Medical or legal advice not offered.

Psychic Entertinment/Party (4 options)

Many of the parties described below are based around some particular theme, such as:

  • Diva parties
  • Martini/Margarita parties
  • Birthday
  • Anniversary
  • Surprise parites
  • Bachelorrette
  • Bridal
  • Graduation
  • Trade shows
  • Family Gatherings/ Reunions
  • or just because you want to party…party!

As a result,your guest are eagerly awaiting the information they will receive. For that simple reason, give your guest the intuitive expeience of a lifetime!

Option 1 Hosted

Designed for larger parties, each guest will have a 5-6 minute session with Monique. There is a 2 hour minimum time limit in which 20 sessions can be conducted. Maximum time is 4 hours. In the end, the host is responsible for payment. (Back to top)

Option 2 Traditional

Designed for smaller parties minimum 6 guests maximum 18 guest. With this in mind, each quest receives a 20 minute session. The guest is responsible for payment to the host, hence the host guarantees the cost of 6 guest. (Back to top)

Option 3 Free Flow

Designed for medium size parties. Therefore the minimum number of guests is 24. Every guest receives a 10 minute session and is responsible for payment to the intuitive.Beinfthat, there is a two hour time limit minimum.(Back to top)

Option 4 Full length

For the purose of indepth private consultations. Being that the consultations are a full hour, a minimum 3 but no more than 6 participants. Everyone is responsible for payment to the intuitive. One full hour is dedicated to each participant to answer questions and give direction on life issues and challenges. Consequencly,people have said that having an hour consultation with Monique is like having a prescription for your Soul. Call for further information. Host guarantees cost for 3 participants.

Intuition Circle

Host an Intuition Circle in your home! Monique Chapman will come over and answer any questions you and your friends have about:

  • psychic phenomenon
  • the occult
  • soul purpose
  • past lives
  • angels and guides
  • Soul agreements with family members, friends, and co-workers

as well as general information on the subject of the paranormal, in a safe environment.

Because this is an open forum -therefore no question is a stupid question. Likewise, tips are shared for the purpose of teaching you to develop your Psychic abilities! Even more, learn from the comfort of your home or office among people you trust. Don’t have a space for the gathering? Inquire about your group coming to Monique!

To summarize, if you have you ever wondered about your Intuitive/Psychic abilities, have paranormal/occult questions you can talk in a safe environment. The intuition circle provides clarification in a safe space among trusted friends. In other words, you are free to express yourself regarding your intuitive/psychic gifts. Gather a group of friends and take advantage of this incredible opportunity.

Prices varies depending on the number of participants and time frame. Gift for the host. Back to top

Corporate Events

Corporate clients have raved about Monique Chapman on site events. Always engaging, funny and uplifting Monique provides “mini” consultations that keep folks coming back for more. Among her many satisfied clients are EBay, Gachina Landscaping, PMC, The Northern California Children’s Education Network, and the Santa Clara Board of Realtors.

Each participant receives about 5 minutes with Monique as she shares mind-boggling information with event attendees. Always a success, allow Monique to bring the extra charm to your next event. Add that extra zing to your sales meeting, banquet, hospitality suite, anytime you want to make a high end impression to clients or co-workers.

Rates are dependent on services needed. Call for details. Back to top

Feng Shui Parties

Have you been thinking about having your home or business Feng Shui’d but want to avoid the high cost of a one on one consultation?

The affordable way is to have a Feng Shui party! That’s right, invite your friends over and bring in the energy of abundance, joy, and happiness into your environment. Everyone in attendance will learn easy techniques that will enliven your space. Monique teaches the basics of Feng Shui allowing your guests to take the information home with them to make changes in their living or work environment. Got clutter? You need Feng Shui! Call for further details and pricing. Back to top

Holiday Themed Parties

Monique is available for Holiday get-togethers! Call for availability and pricing. Popular dates for Holiday parties are: Halloween, New Years Eve, and the Fourth of July. If you celebrate a special day, Monique can assist you in making your event a huge success. Back to top

High School Reunions

Catch up with old friends and see what your future holds as Monique delights you with information. Back to top

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