What are people saying about Intuitive Consultant Monique Chapman?

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“Monique is a “dynamic and compassionate visionary magician”” – Marilyn Gordon // Center for Hypnotherapy, Oakland, CA

“Monique keeps it real!” – Gwen, Boston, MA

“Having a session with Monique is like a prescription for the Soul” – Gina Carrone President G, Creative Design Agency.

“Honest, Caring, Competent, Inspires” – Cynthia Sue Larson, Best selling author “The Aura Advantage”, Founder of Reality Shifters, Berkeley, CA

“Exposes the truth, big heart that cares, honest and respected. Her advice has proven correct so many times it’s almost scary”. – Hedi Kennerknecht Realtor, Fremont, CA

“Monique has helped me tremendously with my business decisions from personal selection to industry trends. She is my go to person when blocks are preventing me from seeing clearly what my decision should be. I am thankful and grateful that she is a part of my team.” – Zulkie Kahn, CEO Nexlogic Technologies

“Inviting, led by the supernatural, compassionate, professional, honest, interested in each individual” -Casey Hawkins, Santa Cruz, CA

“Monique has been my spiritual mentor for almost 5 years now. She has an uncanny vision and the most healing touch ever. She has guided me through some seemingly un-navigable waters…whether I am talking to her from within the US or long distance she has provided clear insight into situations. Monique will help you see the situation clearly for yourself and help you to arrive at a decision – she never forces her opinions or forms them for you. Whether it was a career change or a very difficult childbirth her guidance and vision has helped me sail through successfully. When I was unemployed she actually pointed to me in the direction of my new job – not just the industry but even its geographical location and today a few years down the line I am a successful entrepreneur! Apart from being gifted, Monique is an extremely intelligent person, very well read and has a vast knowledge of just about everything.” – Anagha Patil, India

“You are extremely accurate. Your reading is still coming true 11 months later!” – Helen Rothstein, Stamford, CT

“The distance healing did wonders for my Dad. Both of us thank you from the bottom of our hearts. God bless you.” – Benita Garagioan, Montreal, Canada

“I felt as if you had known me all of my life after the first 5 minutes. Thanks so much for your positive input, outlook, and compassion.” – Alberto Rodriquez, Mexico City, Mexico

“Your email reading so wonderful, I don’t know how you do it, but thanks ever so much.” – Sonya Johansen, London, England

“Monique thank you for the house clearing. The disturbances have not been back and you have given me the tools to protect myself and family from other unwanted energy. Thanks so much for information that truly works.”
– Rose Harris-Rabadan, San Jose, California

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Intuitive Living Newsletter

“Thank you Monique for providing the clarity I needed to win my big proposal. You were right on target”.
– Dan Stealy, Erie, Pennsylvania

“You are so accurate. You have an incredible gift. Thank you for being there and sharing your talents”
– Leslie Smalls, Dallas, Texas

“Your advice helped me to see my situation clearly, and enabled me to make the right choice. Thanks for not telling me what to do and showing me how to empower myself to “see” what my choices were.” – Mary Parker Moon, Boca Raton, Florida

“Monique, you’re a gem! Keep the light blazing.” – Maureen Hallenbeck, Flagstaff Arizona

“Blessings to you Monique, thanks for the guidance”. – Anna Lemke, La Mesa, California

“Monique, the information you gave me regarding my business was right on target, You even told me what to expect from the different board members. Thanks so much for the “heads-up”, now my international business is stronger than ever.” – Daniel Klantz, Bern, Switzerland