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Intuitive Lifestyle Consultant Monique Chapman

Intuitive Lifestyle Consultant Monique Chapman assists in all areas of life.

Snapshot_20130508Intuitivve Lifestyle consultant Monique Chapman combines valuable intuitive information with holistic energy healing allowing you to instantly feel better about your situation. With astonishing accuracy and clarity Monique provides insight into any given situation while revealing the probable outcome in your life. Monique’s valuable wisdom opens the door to healing energy allowing you to be completely in charge of what you are willing to heal and or release, as she guides you along your life’s journey.

As am intuitive lifestyle consultant,I am here to assist you in making decisions and life’s transitions, letting go of feelings of guilt or perceptions that you are not worthy or deserving. I will show you how to conquer relationship, career, business, and financial goals, set boundaries and provide you with tools that will allow you to locate your balance again. Monique will gently guide you as you release old patterns and programming that no longer serve you, enabling you to embrace the life your Soul’s contract meant for you to live right now.

Monique Chapman presents powerful solutions to your setbacks showing how to step out of perceived negativity into the life affirming flow of abundance. She interprets your situation and provides straightforward guidance to clear the blocks holding you back from what you truly desire.

Live life to your full potential

Call Monique Chapman today if you…

Are feeling stuck and cannot move forward
Want the truth about how to achieve more out of life
Feel your circumstances are unique and have no one to assist you
Are overwhelmed, stressed, disillusioned, feeling incapable of taking the next step
Are enthusiastic and genuinely want to live a balanced life
Want to feel excited about your, money, career, relationship, and health aspirations
Or just need a brand-new outlook on life

Monique Chapman Consulting is a subsidiary of Healing Visions Ministries.

Holistic Healing modalities offered:

Intuitive Consultation

Holistic Healing (hands on or distance)

Aura and Energy Healing

Personal or Business Coaching

Spirit Release Therapy

Spiritual and Intuitive Development Training


Monique’s loving, compassionate approach creates magic and inspires emotional healing thus enabling her clients to reach a higher path of multidimensional consciousness and awareness through metaphysical knowledge.

“The lifestyle that Monique has helped me to create has given me freedom and peace of mind. I am forever grateful.” J. Bastconi

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