Intuitive  Consultant and Metaphysician Monique Chapman is available now to help you fix your life

“I believe Monique was sent by God to me at a low time in my life and she is truly an Earth Angel, she helped me see the light at the end of a dark tunnel.

Monique motivated me when I felt like giving up and her straight-forward advice and healing tools she gave me helped me to make positive changes and to let go of negativity.

I felt genuinely cared for with Monique’s loving, compassionate, insightful vibe, words can’t describe how grateful I am.” ~ Naz M. San Jose CA

Intuitive consultant and metaphysician, Monique Chapman offers accurate, detailed intuitive/psychic information about all aspects of your life. Specifically, Monique provides valuable real-time information, wisdom, and, guidance to overcome obstacles in your life path.

An intuitive consultation with Monique provides clarity and direction regarding your life’s journey. As a matter of fact, the transformation is usually instantaneous.

As an intuitive consultant and metaphysician, Monique helps you see what is needed to make sound decisions. More importantly, your ability to navigate through life’s transitions with a fresh perspective increases exponentially. Therefore, you can release feelings of guilt or perceptions that you are not worthy or deserving.

Monique shares how to conquer relationship, career, business, and financial goals and set healthy boundaries. With this in mind, as an intuitive consultant, Monique shares crucial next steps to living a 21st-century life. Your life purpose revealed while you deepen your spiritual connection.

What will an intuitive consultation with Monique do for you?

Monique Chapman intuitive consultant metaphysician intuitive consultationYou’ll receive tools that allow you to find your balance again. During the intuitive consultation session, old patterns and programming that no longer serve you are released. This allows you to release the BS ( belief system) that is holding you back and create the life you want now. Subsequently, the healing that occurs enables you to immediately embrace the life your Soul’s contract meant for you to live. The result is your success!

Thanks for visiting my site. I am known as the queen of living a natural intuitive lifestyle, my life purpose and intention is to tap into my intuition to be of service to you. Call me and book for your life changing intuitive consultation today!

There is a lot if the information covered within these pages. So take your time and take a good look around. Don’t forget to check out the free stuff tab where you will find oodles of information to shift your vibe instantly!

My clients have told me that I keep it real while providing accurate information and the space for profound, deep healing as they face the lessons presented to them in this lifetime. Are you ready to heal your life and live your dreams?

When you are ready to live the life you deserve, call me and schedule your intuitive consultation. I look forward to connecting with you.

Wishing you abundant of blessings on your journey,

Schedule your intuitive consultation with Monique Chapman today if you…

  • Don’t know which direction to take
  • Want to know the true motive of people in your circle
  • Feel your circumstances are unique and have no one who understands what
    you are going through
  • Are overwhelmed, stressed, disillusioned, and feeling incapable of taking the next step
  • Are enthusiastic and genuinely want to change your life
  • Want to feel excited about your, money, career, relationship, and health goals
  • Want a glimpse into your probable future

Services offered


Intuitive/Psychic Consultations


Holistic Healing (hands on or distance)


Spirit Release Therapy


Stress Relief


Aura and Energy Healing


Spiritual Development and Intuitive Training


Meditation/Mindfulness Techniques


Personal and Business Coaching



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