Dr. David Low MS, author of Universal Spiritual Philosophy and Practice talk to us about
Islam and Terrorism

Website: davidlowmsphd.com

David Low talks to us about the religion Islam.
We will discuss
• Why Islam seems to have more “baggage” than other religions
• The Three Covenants of Islam
• Cultural Pollution
• The Interpretation of the Qur’an
• The association of terrorism with Islam
• Dream interpretation

David Low, MS Ph.D. is an author, former Adjunct Professor of Religion, drug counselor, and former entertainer (juggler) who today does dream work, teaches meditation and speaks on topics in popular spirituality and religion. After some powerful meditation experiences, Dr. Low traveled extensively and visited different Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh, Sufi, Jewish, Christian, and Orthodox, Muslim groups. Soon after getting initiation from his major teacher, he began having psychic dreams, often involving “angels” and other spiritual guides, which directed major decisions in his life. An epiphany in 2014 led him to write his first book, Universal Spiritual Philosophy and Practice: in Informal Textbook for Discerning Seekers. His greatest passion is getting people to tune into more profound dimensions of spirituality, at both the personal
and political levels.