Jack Allis talk about his latest book: Blue Sun, Red Sun: A Story of Ancient Prophesy Unfolding in the Modern World

Website: www.jackallis.com

We will talk about

  • Creating a new world and the part each one of us plays
  • Understanding and creating a sustainable community
  • The importance of ceremony in daily life
  • How civilization collapse can create the opportunity for a new fair world.
  • Do extraterrestrials have a role in shaping today’s world

Jack has written a page-turning novel based on spiritual qualities. Written in the vein of The Celestine Prophecy, blue sun red sunBlue Sun, Red Sun informs as it captivates.  Take a weekend and get to know the residents of Rainbow Village. It will be time well spent.

Blue Sun, Red Sun is a metaphysical thriller, based on Hopi prophesy that talks about mysterious lights that appear in our sky heralding the coming of a new age, and what we, humanity, are called upon to do in these times of monumental transformation.

The setting is Rainbow Village, a small sustainable community in the remote mountains, which is built on the same foundation as the Hopi and other indigenous traditions, and that is living in harmony with nature. They believe the civilized world is in the final stages of its inevitable collapse, and their mission is to be a base from which to build the new world from the ashes of the old.

Bio: Jack Allis is an author and spiritual teacher, who practices what he preaches, living a life that embodies the messages he transmits in his books and DVD’s.  His most recent novel, Blue Sun, Red Sun, tells the epic story that follows ancient Hopi prophesy about a small sustainable community in the remote mountains, which survives the devastation of the Earth caused by the dual catastrophes of the crash of the world economy and the worst world-wide storm in history, to see the dawning of a new world, the world of the Fifth Sun.

Jack’s personal life mirrors this.  In December 2012 he took a hiatus from his writing and public appearances, and moved to the remote mountains north of sacred Mount Shasta, where he lives off the grid and in harmony with nature, preparing as much as possible, both practically and spiritually, for the monumental paradigm shifts that are still to come.  Now he is back, sharing this epic story about how we, humanity, can reassume our responsibility as caretakers of Mother Earth and play our part in creating a new world.