Intuitive consultant and author Penney Peirce joins me to talk about transparency. Her new book ispenney peirce transparency Transparency: Seeing Through to Our Expanded Human Capacity.

Penney Peirce talking transparency in her groundbreaking book with an inside-out view of personal transformation and the path to everyday enlightenment by letting go of the clutter, defense, and fears to instead focus on building the courage to be honest, vulnerable, authentic, and super-clear.

penney peirce transparencyTimely and revolutionary, Penney shows us how to let go of everything that gets in our way—the obstacles, clutter, and fears—to truly achieve greater authenticity, clarity of purpose, and feelings of belonging and joy. By transforming our opaque reality into a state of transparency, the dividing lines that fragment and isolate us melt away and all that’s left is the true self—connecting us to everything and everyone.


We discuss

  • The importance of Awakening
  • Transparency as a way of life
  • How to release personal and societal clutter
  • Fear negative energy blocking the flow
  • Why honesty is the underpinning of personal transparency
  • Transparency and soul our connection
  • The world is accelerating / what are some acceleration symptoms and our choices body emotion mind
  • Clearing fear and negativity and remembering your spiritual core identity is what becoming transparent or transformed is all about
  • elements of holographic perception
  • Why do people resist the lessons within transformation and subconsciously choose to remain stuck as the natural blocks in our lives present themselves
  • How to raise our personal vibration
  • Moving beyond the linear perception left brain thinking which is the old way of knowing, to spherical holographic perception which is right brained
  • Importance of living in the now
  • Create healthier transparency in organizations/ workplace

Bio: Penney Peirce is a respected and gifted visionary and clairvoyant empath with deep psychologicapenny peirce transparencyl understanding and business sense. She is an early pioneer in the intuition development movement and consistently writes leading-edge books that open the way to new pathways of consciousness and personal and societal transformation. She is known for her common-sense approach to spirituality and the development of expanded human capacities. Author of 12 books including the bestsellers The Intuitive Way, Frequency, and Leap of Perception.


Chapters in the book
1. The Awakening
2. Transparency: An Idea Whose Time Has Come
3. The Opaque Reality: Secrets, Lies & Old Perception
4. The Transparent Reality: Radical Trust, Flow & New Perception
5. The Bridge Time: Life in a Partially Transparent World
6. Becoming Personally Transparent
7. When Relationships & Groups Are Transparent
8. No Walls, No Secrets: Seeing Through & Being Seen
9. The New Normal: Being Transparent in a Transparent World