Spirit possession, entity, and spirit attachment. What it is, isn’t, and what can you do about it?


When someone says, the words spirit possession the mind conjures up a lot of different images from the devil with a pitchfork sitting on your shoulder to dark shadows hovering around your body ready to invade the etheric and the physical body.

Intuitive Consultant  Monique Chapman talks about

  • Symptoms of spirit possession
  • Earthbound Spirits
  • How you can release discarnate energy
  • When to DIY release session
  • When to call on a professional

Spirit possession is when a discarnate spirit, alien being, negative entity or other energy enters our the auric field. The word discarnate in this case means without a body.

A person who has died and does not realize it will often merge into a living body intentionally or accidentally in the attempt to feel better and cor to have some company ( discarnate entity).  If the deceased person was an addict in their living life, they would search out an addict to connect to.  The addiction could be anything from sex, drugs, alcohol, shoe shopping, lying, eating or anything else that can be considered an addiction.

Just because they find a person to attach to it does not mean that everything is happy, happy, yea, yea. The discarnate spirit is always needing more.  If you watched the movie ghost, you would remember the discarnate spirit on the subway wanting another “drag” of a cigarette. So he jumped onto the train to find the smoker that he needed.  Yes, you can be on a train or anywhere else a spirit can take over your body.

Keep in mind earthbound spirits are always confused, unhappy and frustrated with their situation. They are lost souls and are seeking help to end their misery. They want to go to the light. The earthbound spirit was not necessarily evil in their living life.  It could be your grandma, spouse, child or anyone else that has a close relationship with you in living life.

Listen in and learn to protect yourself!

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