Atherton shares how we can enhance our lives by utilizing our intuition. If you want to create a better experience it is important to set the ego aside and rely on your intuition. Learn the intuitive dance for a better life.

Atherton shares tips on:


White Light Technique

How to clear emotional chatter

Emotional blackmail

Cutting Cords and more

If you are experiencing a heaviness especially during the pre mercury retrograde period. The message shared will benefit you greatly.

Bio: Atherton Drenth is the author of Intuitive Dance. Building, Protecting & Clearing Your Energy, and Following Body Wisdom. Atherton also appears in the documentary, Voyage to Betterment” as one of 12 experts along with other internationally renowned physicians, researchers, and pioneers in the fields of consciousness research and spirituality.

Atherton is a Clairvoyant, Medical Intuitive and Holistic Energy Practitioner facilitating transformational healing for her clients. She has been extensively trained and certified as a Medical Intuitive and Holistic Energy Practitioner. She has been in private practice for over sixteen years and has conducted over 35,000 healing balances with clients from around the world. She is also a compassionate teacher committed to helping others develop their full intuitive potential through yearly workshops. She has a private practice in Guelph, Ontario.