Pia Orleane, Ph.D. shares how using natural cycles can recharge your life. Her new book – Sacred Retreat: Using Natural Cycles To Recharge Your Life


All of life is interwoven into a living system of cycles, from Earth’s seasons to the enzymatic pathways that provide energy to a cell. Waxing and waning from times of growth to times of rest, renewal, and healing, cycles map the most auspicious time for everything in life. Both women and men have biological cycles of active growth and quiet renewal, led by our hormones. By understanding how everything in life moves in cycles, you can become more aware of and comfortable with your own cyclic nature, something that has been forgotten by the modern world’s linear views of time. ( From the back cover of Sacred Retreat: Using Natural Cycles To Recharge Your Life).

We Talk About

  • Sacred Retreat
  • How to recharge ones life
  • The importance of fluidity
  • Menopause/Andropause
  • Emotional Cycles
  • How to embolden relationships
  • Power of listening to our intuition
  • Energy and power of words
  • Listening to enhance interpersonal relationships
  • Respond not react
  • How to discover what is missing in our lives
  • Recharge our relationship with ourselves
  • Divine feminine wisdom

By going on a sacred retreat, and going within we can recharge our lives. The trick is to just take the time to do it. We are so busy living life outside of ourselves, we have mostly forgotten how to embrace the natural cycles that occur all around us to truly live the life we want.

About the author

Pia Orleane, PhD is the author if Nautilus Gold Award winner Sacred Retreat: Using Natural Cycles to Recharge Your Life, a groundbreaking work offering a template for restoring balance to our driven radically unbalanced society. With penetrating insight Dr. Orleane, former practicing psychologist and international speaker, gives is another way of seeing the world. An urge to move towards harmony and peace is currently sweeping the planet, Dr. Orleane’s work is aimed at rising consciousness and helping humanity evolve.