Akashic Records healing with Renee Rowe.

Website: http://www.awakentoyourpath.com/

Take control of your life! Acknowledgment of the Soul’s purpose happens on a very deep level of knowing. The services provided, assist you in letting go and seeing clear patterns, emotions, and re-occurring cycles, that doesn’t allow you to come into the presence of your Soul’s purpose and life path. These tools can assist you with the transition and allow you access to the wisdom that you already hold within.
Learn how working with and balancing your Chakra system will improve your life. Use your own energy field to create a new you!

Renee Rowe is the founder of Awaken to Your Path and is following in the footsteps of her Great Grandfather as a Clairvoyant Healer. As a born intuitive, Renee has worked through the many challenges and obstacles to master her gifts. She is grateful for her journey and support in navigating her intuitive abilities in a way that’s beneficial for her and humanity.

Renee has a strong connection with the Akashic Records as a Channeler, Clairvoyance, and Empathic Abilities. She provides a loving and safe space for healing and awareness so you can Integrate clarity into your life and transform if you choose.