Sandra Mendelson joins me to talk about her new book We Walk Beside You: Animal Messages for an Awakened World




Animals are incredible teachers and can offer us a perspective that other humans cannot.  Sandra receives and shares soul messages from the animals you love, whether in the body or in spirit form.
We talk about


  • Humans being the least evolved of the animal kingdom
  • How to connect with animals that have crossed over
  • What your live animal has to share with you
  • How aminals operate from the fifth dimension
  • There is no such thing as a private thought
  • Listen to the plants speak
  • Staying in present time


We Walk Beside You opens the door to the breathtaking world of animal consciousness and what animals understand about Life – and us.


Communicating through the vehicle of telepathy – from one mind to another –members of the animal kingdom step forward to reveal what they want humans to finally know.


From snails to blue whales to our beloved members of the family, they disclose witty and hilarious observations of human conduct and rectify our long-held misconceptions about their behavior.  Even more significantly, they deliver messages filled with the hope, inspiration, and vision that are so badly needed in our current human world.


Some of the insights they reveal include:

How the animal world accesses information and communicates through a stream of thought and energy

  • What behaviors animals choose intentionally to act as role models for us

  • The ways that animals influence our thinking and help us energetically

  • How members of the animal kingdom view the current state of human behavior, the spiritual evolution of humankind and Earth itself

  • The steps we humans can take to be kinder to ourselves, each other and the rest of our living planet.


Beckoning us towards sanity and self- empowerment, away from our devices and back to connection with each other and all Life, the world of animal consciousness can profoundly open our eyes and hearts and help us create the world we long for.