Joan Diver joins me to talk about her new book When Spirit Calls : A Healing Odyssey

Joan shares how she healed herself from a debilitating back injury once she embarked on her spiritual journey. The beginning of 2019 is the optimal time to begin anew and create and realize the changes you have been thinking of making.

We talk about

  • Physical healing
  • Societal healing
  • Past lives and how they affect our lives today
  • Meditation and healing
  • Balancing Energies
  • Sharing your experience to bring about healing
  • How we heal ourselves not the shaman or doctor
  • How to survive in this chaotic transition we are living in
  • How to disciver your individual path to healing

Joan Diver wants you to know that our world is in a time of chaotic transition. Yey, as the title of her book When Spirit Calls suggests, there is a spiritual force in the universe that is ready to guide is if we can only listen and have the courage to follow. That spirit may speak through our emotional and physical pain as well as the events of our everyday lives. And it can lead us on a path toward inner and outer peace and to understand the power of love and the underlying unity of all.

About the author

Since leaving her position as Executive Director of the Hymans Foundation in Boston, Joan Diver had offered healings to Seekers, led contemplative and healing church ministries. She is an advisor oh the upcoming film of the life of Howard Thurman. She has been featured in People Magazine, The New York Times, Boston Globe, Boston Magazine, Christian Science Monitor, The Philadelphia Inquirer, and CBS TV.