Astrologer David Pond talks to us about his latest book Chakras Beyond Beginners: Awakening to the Power Within




Chakras with David Pond takes you past basic understanding to explore the many applications of using chakras to enhance the flow of vital energy in all aspects of your life.

We talk about

  • A brief description of Chakras
  • Catch and Release meditation for those who can not meditate
  • Awakening our power within our Chakras
  • Paying attention to present time to acknowledge your chakras
  • Chakras and Sex
  • Activities to enhance your chakras
  • Four practices to work with each chakra
  • Surgery and your chakras
  • Astrology chakra connection
  • Chakras and intuition
  • Charkas and disturbed sleep
  • Balancing Chakras


chakras with David Pond

Discover the path to your energetic core and bring each chakra into its full potential through exercises, activities, and meditations. Learn how to identify and remove the obstacles that inhibit your energy, as well as how to keep that flow open. Buy awakening to your upper chakras and then bringing this awareness into the lower chakras, you’ll unlock your true essence and source of well-being.



David Pond is an astrologer, author, speaker and international workshop leader. David has a Master of Science degree in Experimental Metaphysics, and has published several books on metaphysical topics, including Astrology and Relationships, Chakras for Beginners, Western Seeker, Eastern Paths, The Pursuit of Happiness and his newest book, Chakras Beyond Beginners; Awakening to the Power Within. David has been practicing astrology for over 35 years and consults with clients helping them work with their astrology to find meaningful and fulfilling lives and to strategize through times of transition.