Clairvoyant Paul Selig joins me to talk about consciousness and freedom.  His latest book is entitled The Book of Freedom: The Mastery Trilogy. Book III is a channeled text.

Release agreements to whom you think you are.  You are free. You are free. You are free.

Paul  Selig is a channel who connects with ‘The Guides” who provide growth and healing information through Paul. In this episode, “The Guides” come through loud and clear with a channeled message that can be taken personally and for humanity at large.

We talk aboutThe book of Freedom

  • The Divine is present in all things now claim it
  • World service – is not your occupation
  • How to transform things not fix them
  • What you damn damns you
  • The realization of the divine self
  • Small self to divine self
  • How to identify tour higher will
  • Embracing the energy of acceptance
  • Separation is a collective belief- lose it now
  • Fear is a liar
  • To know is to realize the divine in all things
  • Lift whatever you encounter to a higher octave
  • How to rise above guilt and shame
  • Self-forgiveness
  • The braiding of the wills
  • Stop confirming or agreeing to lies.
  • The Christ in manifestation it is not about religion
  • Fear is not the original sin
  • Trump and other “dark”  world leaders


Freedom will come when the throne relinquishes the king.

Paul Selig is a clairvoyant practing in New York City. He is also a graduate of Yale University and a retired NYU college professor. He began his second career in 1987 after having a spiritual experience. Starting with a small group meeting in his living room and now works with people worldwide.

The Book of Freedom is his 6th book. The attunements will grab you as you read the book. This channeled message speaks to your eternal self.

Paul provides a channeled message throughout and at the end of the podcast.