Reiki Certification

Intuitive Consultant Monique Chapman offers Reiki Certification in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Reiki Certification

Monique Chapman is a Reiki Master Teacher with 17 years of experience working with Reiki healing energy in the San Francisco Bay Area. Monique is available to provide Reiki healing training or to administer Reiki therapy. Reiki is an energetic healing modality that raises your physical and auric vibration facilitating healing, stress relief and peace of mind at the mind, body and soul level. Please review guidelines below.

Traditional Reiki healing is based on the following five principles:

One: “Today I give thanks for my many blessings.”

Two: “Just for today I will not worry.”

Three: “Today I will not be angry.”

Four: “Today I will do my work honestly.”

Five: “Today I will be kind to my neighbor and every living thing.”

Transmission of energy

Usui ReiReiki Certificationki healing energy is passed on through Reiki healing attunements. A Reiki healing attunement is a sacred energy healing process where a Reiki Master activates Reiki Healing Energy and passes it on to the initiate. The initiate then can use this energy for healing. This energy is also called the laying – on of hands. Once attuned to Reiki healing energy, initiates have access to this energy for the rest of their lives. The Reiki energy can be used for expansion on all levels of body, mind, and spirit.

There are six levels or degrees of Reiki training, and each level incorporated an additional Reiki attunement. The initiate receives the Sanskrit Reiki symbols for activating the higher levels of Reiki healing energy when initiated to the Second and Third degree of Reiki training.

Benefits of becoming a Reiki Practioner

Having a Reiki certification opens the door for self-healing and the healing of others. The Reiki Certification also paves the path to an excellent career as a Reiki healer.

You also have the opportunity to create an incredible career as an alternative healer. Reiki is used in conjunction with other healing modalities adding yet another tool to your toolkit. What a wonderful way to send positive energy out to the world.

If you are looking to make a “difference” in the world, becoming a Reiki practitioner can do just that. You will have the ability to not only heal yourself, and but you will also have the capability to treat others, situations and even send healing energy to personal and or world events.

Levels of Reiki

Reiki healing level I – is four Reiki attunements and it opens the healing centers in the hands

Reiki Certification healing level II – Provides a tremendous increase of Reiki energy and the student is given three Reiki symbols.
The first Reiki healing symbol known as the power symbol is Choku Rei. This symbol always boosts the energy of Reiki.

The second Reiki healing symbol Sei He ki works at the emotional and mental level. The healing power is expressly for aligning the heart, throat, brow and crown chakras. It also helps to release stress.

The third Reiki healing symbol Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen is for distance healing. This symbol provides access to the Akashic records. Karmic healing happens at this level.

Reiki III is two reiki attunements and a fourth symbol.

This energy has a tremendous impact on one’s connection with their Higher Self and Divine Purpose. It moves one from job to vocation and catapults them into the fifth and sixth dimension where there is a tremendous acceleration of life path.

Reiki IV is for those who do not wish to go on to be a Reiki Healing Master but desire the higher vibration of the Reiki Master attunements.
Reiki IV is the highest level a lay person can attain. (One does not need Reiki IV if their intention is to become a Reiki Master.)

Reiki Master designation is two Reiki Attunements plus instruction on how to give Reiki I, II, and III attunements and Reiki Healing Therapy.
This Reiki attunement facilitates a tremendous increase in personal energy and healing presence.

In the Reiki Master Teacher attunement, the fifth Reiki symbol is given. By acquiring this symbol, a Reiki Healing Master Teacher can provide Reiki therapy on and anoint other Reiki Master Teachers.
Reiki Certification is offered as quickly as over a weekend, or it can take months to complete. Each potential student energy field will be assessed to determine how their energy field will assimilate Reiki energy.

Reiki Certification Tuition:

Reiki Certificaton

Reiki I: $150.00

Reiki II: $250.00

Reiki III: $350.00

Reiki Master Teacher: $450.00

Laying-on of Hands

Once a Reiki initiate has received these attunements they are then considered a healing practitioner and can perform therapy on themselves and others. Treatments which is the laying on of hands may be short duration when applied to a small area the body which is in pain or experiencing stress, it full treatment lasts approximately one hour.

Reiki therapy infuses life force energy to the receiver and often relieves pain, speeds up the healing process, reduces stress and revitalizes the energy of the receiver. The Reiki practitioner draws the life force from the Universe and passes it on to the receiver; in the process, both the healer and healee draw in this healing energy from the electromagnetic field around them.The laying-on of hands has historical background with a long standing history which includes the Bible. See Mark 7:35

Unlike other forms of hands – on healing, Reiki therapy does not require any faith/belief in a particular religion or dogma. It is used by Buddhists, Baptists, Catholics, and Krishnas. Reiki healing and assists the body in regaining and maintaining harmony and balance. Reiki therapy does not drain the Reiki practitioner of their energy because the energy applied to the subject in treatment is of surrounding electromagnetic origin and not from the Reiki practitioners’ personal healing resources. There is no need for Reiki practitioners to hold any conscious belief for this system to be effective.

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