Steven Chong M.ED. talks about his new book Bodies of Consequence: A nove about life and life after death

Stephen is back and talks about how our choices and the consequence thereof follow our life after death. His riveting novel tells a facinating story that will have you thinking about how and hwat you do to others. The book carries no judgement, just awareness.

We talk about

  • How our actions affect not only our lives but the lives of those around us.
  • Leadership, virtue, and trust
  • The importance of music in life after death
  • How to avoid the unpleasant consequence
  • The silver cord and chord and ur earthly connection
  • A hypothesis of what happens after we die
  • Leadership and consequence
  • Spring equinox and opportunity to make higher vibration choices

Stephen Chong M.Ed. is a highly sought after speaker and author of five published novels. Over the past 30 years he has provided guidance and motivation to countless people through inspirational messages and the ability to bring the best out in people. Stephen is a gifted story-teller and his wise observations of modern work and persona; life will give you insight how to realize your highest potential though a rich fulfilling life.