Hilliary Raimo talks to us about her latest book The Hillary Raimo Show Transcripts: Conversations on Technology, Time Travel, ET’S. 9/11 and Consciousness.

Hillary Raimo has been a leading voice in the alternative media since 2005. Her compelling new book reveals information that more likely than not is not reported by mainstream news. Is it conspiracy or truth?  Listen and decide.


We talk aboutHillary Raimo

  • Rising above Fear
  • Alternative Media and its influence
  • Donald Trump and Alex Jones
  • LED lights the infrastructure of spy technology
  • Bitcoin – why you may want it
  • Internet monetized and controlled but by whom?
  • Black Chain Technology
  • Privacy online- NOT!
  • Unconditional love

In these turbulent times, when freedom of speech is being capped with tighter control. Hillary Raimo’s authentic interviews offer deep hindsight into the formative years of many hot topics today, such as technology, time travel, data collection, climate change exploration, the evolution of consciousness and much more. Join us as we map out a roadmap for the incredible challenges humanity faces in the 21st century.

Hillary is a respected psychic who delves deep into consciousness and shares what she sees. All is not as it appears.  It is time to be discerning about what you listen to, website visitation, and where you share your personal information.  Folks – we are way beyond 1984.

It is time to wake up and stay woke/aware.

Hillary Raimo has selected 20 of her 700 recordings over the years and chronicled them in an eye-opening book prudent for out times.  She and her guests such as David Icke, ACLU chapter head Chad Marlow, economist John Perkins, Robert Bauval and 16 others share how we are being dupped into believing a real alternative reality.

Do you ever wonder if our government is telling us the truth? Have you bought into the national media news that is being espoused without any independent thinking?  Hillary’s book will open your mind.