Jonson Miller talks about his new book: Dream Patterns: Revealing the Hidden Patterns of Our Waking Lives

We’ll talk about

• How the value of our dreams is in the long-term patterns
• Major life changes and our dreams
• Recording dreams – The importance of who; what; when, where and how
• Social media and dreams
• Donald Trump
• Nightmare and night terrors
• Why not all dreams are meaningful for interpretation
• Dreams that express mythological content
• How to use our dream patterns to recognize patterns in our waking lives

Jonson says: I’ve been studying my own dreams for almost thirty years now. I was often frustrated in my dream interpretation Jonson millerearly years of interpreting my dreams. Back then, I was following the dream-dictionary approach of almost every book on the subject. These books ask you to interpret every element of every individual dream to find the meaning of that particular dream. This usually resulted in incoherent interpretations. I’ve found psychoanalytical approaches, especially Jungian approaches, to be very useful – but for only a small number of dreams.

Dream interpretation finally opened up for me when I realized that the real value of dreams isn’t in individual dreams, let alone individual dream elements; it is in the long-term patterns. By studying the patterns that appeared in my dreams, I am able to recognize and then transform patterns that exist in my waking life. It is this method that I teach in Dream Patterns.

Bio: Jonson Miller has practiced dream interpretation for over twenty-five years. He is a professor of history at Drexel University in Philadelphia. He earned an interdisciplinary Ph.D. in the history, politics, and sociology of science and technology. His scholarly interests include American history, ethnic and national identity, war, and questions about technology. His more personal interests include genealogy, mythology, language, and religion. He lives with his partner in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.