Kundalini and Yoga instructor Kathryn McCusker shares how to live a more purposeful life with Everyday Kundalini


Kundalini Yoga is considered to be the most comprehensive of yogas, combining powerful breathing techniques, postures, mantras and meditation to help you unlock your true potential. It was introduced to the west by Yogi Bhajan.

We talk aboutEveryday Kundalini

  • What Kundalini is and does
  • Kundalini awakening
  • Five specific elements of Kundalini
  • Yoga Kundalini
  • Clothing/Food
  • Breath of Fire
  • Circular breath
  • Mantras/Sound
  • Meditation
  • Mudras
  • Posture


“Kundalini” is the flow of energy and consciousness that exists within each of us and enables us to merge with or “yoke” the universal Self. Kundalini yoga is based on kriyas, or specially formulated sets of exercises. This allows you to target specific areas and work on exactly those aspects of yourself that need focus at the current time.

Practicing Kundalini yoga keeps the body in shape and trains the mind to be strong and flexible in the face of stress and change. It increases oxygen, boosts blood flow, balances the glandular system, strengthens the nervous system, and reduces stress-induced toxins such as adrenaline and cortisol.

The effect is a heightened self-awareness and vitality that allows you to harness mental and emotional energy. Individuals feel more in control of themselves, with enhanced peace of mind, concentration and a deeper inner calm and self-confidence. No matter what your age or physical capacity is, Kundalini yoga and meditation can have immediate benefits.

Kundalini Yoga is a holistic philosophy that brings practical benefits of rejuvenation and healing, awakening us to who we really are, spiritual beings having a human experience.