Welcome to Get Over IT! Podcast, Intuition Edition! In this series of short podcasts, I share tips on how to recognize and increase your intuition.

Today I am going to talk about the basics of intuition part one

What intuition is
Understanding how you receive intuition
Tips for tuning in to each modality

We are all born with intuitive abilities. As we grew older, we were taught by adults guiding our paths that the invisible friend we were playing with or seeing and talking to the angels or our spirit guides or expressing anything beyond the five natural senses was taboo.

So thinking we were doing was a bad thing; we shut down our natural abilities and joined the mass mind consciousness. The good news is although we hid our intuitive skills at a young age, they never left us. They went dormant and are waiting to be rediscovered again.

Some say the third eye is the center of intuition. However, I feel that the pineal gland which is located in the brain in conjunction with the third eye is the seat of our soul where intuition lives. By naturally enhancing your intuition you can be in an intuitive state most if not all of the time. Having access to Real-time intuition is a life-affirming way to live life boldly while minimizing bad decisions.


Intuition comes in various forms, and today I will talk about clairvoyance, clairaudience, and Clairsentience.

Most of us are familiar with the term clairvoyance which means clear vision.
A good clairvoyant can see what is in the ethers. They can see the auric colors around people and objects. Clairvoyants allow themselves to see beyond the physical.

A clairvoyant can also see visions of the past and future in a move life format. They can even prophesize the future through dreams or visions during meditation. Famous clairvoyants include Michele de Nostradamus, Edward Cayce.

You are clairvoyant if you

• have lucid dreams

• visual in your learning style

• see things out of the corner of your eye

• can create a scene in your mind when daydreaming

There are three major types of clairvoyance

• Precognition which is the ability to predict or view events that have not happened in 3D yet.

• Retrocognition is the ability to see into the past

• Remote Viewing is seeing in present objects or situation that you do not know of.

So how do you grow your clairvoyance?

The first step is awareness, being acutely aware of your physical surroundings down to the minute detail. Let’s say are walking down the street, what did the last person that passed you have on. What was their sex? What were they wearing down to the colors? How was their hair, did they have a hat? What did their shoes look like? By having this level of 3d awareness you automatically increase your intuitive awareness. Make a game of it! Sit someplace, and people watch and practice being aware.

If you are sitting in a room right now? Close your eyes and visualize the place down to the smallest detail. Don’t be frustrated if you miss a few things as with practice you will learn to notice everything which will increase your clairvoyance. Practice makes perfect, and there is no wrong answer, just what is in your field of awareness.

The second step is to do things that you need to either see patterns for or match pieces. Zig saw Puzzles are great for developing clairvoyance, so are word search puzzles. The objective is to scan the puzzle pieces and put the puzzle together, not a hard focus. Same with a word search puzzle. You can always use playing cards face down and pick the matches clairvoyantly just like when you were a kid.

The next form of intuition I am discussing today is Clairaudience.

clear hearing clairaudience

Which means clear hearing. It is the ability to hear spirit talk. Have you noticed a ringing in your ears or a buzzing or feeling pressure? That is often a signal that your ears are opening to connect with spirit. This spirit communication can happen internally – like it is coming from inside of your head or externally – hearing the right message at just the right time.

How do you know you are clairaudient?

• You talked to your imaginary friend as a child

• You give life-changing advice to others, and you have no idea where you picked up such information

• You love quiet time; you are relaxed and open to the sounds surrounding you

• You are a music lover – playing or listening

• You hear voices in your head – not the crazy kind, but it could sound like a party line where many people are speaking at once, or it could be you hear a voice call your name.

• You could get the “it” idea of the year for yourself while doing something mundane.

• A great spark of inspiration.

Using clairaudience spirit will never say mean or negative things to you via clairaudience. Should you experience mean or negative communication, contact someone who can help you with spirit release as more than likely you have picked up a hitchhiker.

You know your clairaudience is your dominant style of using intuition because you are an auditory learner. If you are not auditory, no worries, you can develop the skill anytime during your lifetime. Again, awareness is critical. What do you hear in the 3d world?

A great way to hone into your clairaudience is to sit in a public place and listen to a conversation of someone passing you by and focus in on how far you can hear what they are saying is it 5 feet 10 or 50? With practice, you will amaze yourself at a distance you can tune into what someone is saying. Thus, further developing your clairaudience


Since clairaudience is attached to the 5th chakra, any activity working with the 5th chakra will help you tune in.

The last clair that I am talking about today is clairsentience – which means clear feeling. The learning style of clairsentience is tactile — the need to feel.

Clairsentience is the ability to sense

• how a person is feeling

• how a building or any other place feels to you

• what animals are feeling

• feeling the energy of nature when you are out and about

Have you ever gone to someplace and immediately feel that something is off or wrong? Well, that was your clairsentience working full time for you. Empaths exhibit clairsentience. They pick up and absorb the energy of others. For example, you are around someone who has a headache, and suddenly you have a headache.

In this example, you experience clairsentience empathic energy at the same time.
People who are clairsentience had a strong gut feeling. You will often see them with their hands over the solar plexus either to protect it from invading energy or to get a greater sense of what they are feeling. Clairsentients are excellent at handling the energy of objects. They feel the energy through their emotions.

To build your clairsentience skills, allow yourself to feel. Go someplace where you feel physically safe and tune into the energy there. Do you feel happy, are you at ease, do you suddenly feel frightened or threatened? Observe what is physically going on as you experience these feelings.

To enhance all of the abilities as mentioned earlier and more of what I’ll share next week, meditation is the key. Yes, it is the sit and be a still and quiet type of meditation. Next week I will share an intuition building meditation and talk about the “clairs” of smell and taste.
In the meantime practice whatever modality you would like to increase. If you put in the effort, it will pay off.

If you are looking for one on one lessons to increase your intuition building at an accelerated pace? Call me at 888 240 6057 and let’s talk about what you are looking to do. This is a free 10-minute assessment. This is not a psychic reading – an evaluation of what your dominant intuition style is and how to grow it. If you want a psychic reading/consultation, all sessions 30 minutes or longer are offered at a 10 percent discount if you mention this podcast.

And as always the most important choice you can make it what you chose to make important. Make the masterful choice of tuning in to your intuition. Abundant blessing light and love to all. Namaste.

Monique Chapman Intuitive Consultant