Karen Noe Internationally renown psychic medium talks about her book We Consciousness: 33 Profound Truths For Inner and Outer Peace. She channels the late Dr. Wayne Dyer and a group of celestial beings called the We Guides.


Her radio show Angel Quest Radio www.hudsonriverradio.com  

We Talk aboutwe guides

  • 5 easy steps to begin the process of peace in motion
  • Why 33 profound truths for inner and outer peace
  • Who is the celestial group We Guides
  • Why self-love is the answer and how to get there
  • How to raise your vibration and keep it elevated
  • Wayne’s message for the world
  • Prayer and meditation
  • How to connect with the different celestial beings in and out of our universe
  • We Consciousness
  • To be a vegan or not

After Dr. Wayne Dyers passing in 2015, Karen has consistently been receiving very profound and specific messages from him for his family and for the world as well. While Waynes comes through singularly for his family, he also comes through together with a group of other celestial brings called the We Guides that include Saint Francis of Assisi and a countless number of angels and ascended masters.

Karen Noe is a renowned New Jersey-based psychic medium, spiritual counselor, and healer was a deep admirer of Dr. Wayne W Dyer, a man whose teachings truly transformed her life. She followed his wisdom to always ask “How May I Serve?” so that she could be a force for peace and love in the world.

The 33 concepts in the book are the keys to experiencing the divinity within us, the one consciousness to which
we all are connected. As we live these precepts, we create the inner peace that can translate into external peace
in the world. The WE Guides ARE the consciousness that enables us to be instruments of peace if we follow their guidance.
This seminal world-changing book is fascinating and essential for both the messages it brings and for the way it has come to us.