Trish and Rob MacGregor share their latest book Secrets of Spirit Communication: Techniques for Tuning In & Making Contact.

Spirits communicate with us every day., especially the spirits of our loved ones.  Are you tuning into them? Secrets of Spirit Communication provides many resources and techniques that help you raise your awareness of spirits and effectively communicate with them.

We talk aboutSecrets of spirit communication

  • The Most common way to communicate with a spirit
  • The Role synchronicity plays in spirit communication
  • The basics of spirit contact
  • Contact through objects
  • Technology and spirit communication
  • Spirit Psychokinesis
  • Orbs
  • Spirits and the antique store
  • Cassadaga Florida and Cassadaga New York – spirit communities
  • Cluster spirit communication
  • Altered states and spirit communication
  • Shamanism in spirit communication

Trish Macgregor is the author of dozens of novels and non-fiction books, and she co-authored the Sydney Omarr series of astrology books with her husband Rob. Trish also teaches workshops on astrology and the tarot. In 2003, she won the coveted Edgar Allen Poe Award from the Mystery Writers of America for her novel Out of Sight.

Rob Macgregor is a freelance writer and award winning author who has published twenty-two suspense novels. He has a number of  non-fiction books to his credit on the subjects of psychic power, meditation, and divination. His non -fiction books focus on exploration of the far reaches of the mind and body, Rob is best known for his seven Indiana Jones novels for Lucas Films.