Author and spiritual seeker Michael Goddart talks to us about past lives and how they influence our present reality.

Michael shares his thoughts on reincarnation and past lives.  He has chronicled his past liveIn Search Of Lost Lives: Desire, Sanskaras, and the Evolution of a Mind & Soul.

Do you believe in past lives? Want to know who to examine your past lives for clear present time understanding pf your life today? Michael shares how in his book.

We Talk aboutpast lives reincarnation

  • How to explore past lives
  • Spiritual journey into past lives exploration
  • How intuition or “knowing” can be developed
  • Past Life triggers
  • Bleed through into past lives
  • United States Karma
  • Catholic Church Karma
  • Were Putin and Trump related in a past life
  • Free Thinking
  • Animal and human reincarnation
  • Goddart’s Cohort of Seven between lives and on Earth
  • Equity for women on two other planets on which Goddart first dwelt
  • Michael’s recovery of 88 past lives and spiritual experiences that furthered his evolution – 71 Human/17 animal

What is you knew who the people in your current life were in your past lives? What if you found out that your inherent talents and interests, and you feelings of familiarity with people and places stem from a particular past life?

Michael Goddart’s unique, extraordinary account of his recovery of over 80 past lives answers these questions.

Michael Goddart holds an MFA is the award wining author of Spiritual Revolution and BLISS!  Just after he turned 11, Goddart started actively searching for the truth about death and how to attain everlasting bliss. He began daily meditation at age 19 and at 21 began to meditate for two and a half hours daily. For more than two decades, he has been actively developing his sense of knowing and opening his higher consciousness to he everyday awareness.

Past life exploration can help you heal your present life. It is well worth the time to explore.