Pia Orleane Ph.D. and Cullen Baird Smith  talk about their new book- Pleiadian- Earth Energy Astrology: Charting the Spirals of Consciousness

The Pleadians are sending a new type of astrology to earth via Laarkmaa who is channeled by Pia and Cullen. The emphasis is that the time for the shift to non-linear thinking and doing is at hand. The book is a nice companion to the Pleiadian -Earth Energy Calendar which is your guide to navigating the spiral energy patterns of the universe for the conscious evolution and spiritual advancement.

This system of astrology is based on the thirteen universal energies and the twenty earth energy spirals. There is no need to worry about transits or retrogrades as this system shared by the Pleiadians delves deeply into the non-linear energy fields with clear and concise information that is easily grasped.  The book serves as a tutor guiding you through the vast energy fields pointing out what is light and shadow.

We Talk about

  • What constitutes a  non-linear energy universe
  • How Pleiadian Earth Energy astrology differs from other astrology systems
  • The paradigm shift in measuring energy divided into twelve parts and the importance of embracing thirteen parts
  • How do perform a personal Pleiadian energy astrology reading with ease for daily guidance
  • The difference between universal energy and earth energy
  • How to improve our dualistic experience on earth
  • What are the multiple dimensions
  • How Pleiadian system relate to the Myab Calendar and the importance of the Pleiadians bringing this information to us now.