Master Reiki teacher Brett Bevell talks about his latest book Psychic Reiki: Divine Life-Force Energy Healing

Reiki master Brett Bevell shares simple techniques for directly harnessing the power of the mind to heal psychic reikioneself and others.


We talk about

  • What is Psychic Reiki
  • Crystal of Awakening
  • Reiki Holograms
  • Reiki healing with the Angels
  • No symbols needed
  • Brett shares healing energy to use instantly


Psychic Reiki is the culminating work of Bevell’s previous books about Reiki, plus some new techniques, combined into one elegant and user-friendly energy healing system. As with traditional Reiki, its practitioners practice accessing the Divine Life Force energy known as Reiki for well-being and spiritual development. Yet this system differs from traditional Reiki in that there are no symbols and no hand positions since the practitioner learns to communicate with and direct the energy of Reiki telepathically.