The Secret to Getting an Accurate Intuitive/Psychic Consultation

Intuitive Consultant Monique Chapman shares the steps for an accurate intuitive/psychic reading.
  • Are you at a crossroads in your life and you are looking for clarity?
  • Have you had a less than stellar psychic or intuitive reading in the past?
  • Do you want to experience your first intuitive consultation or psychic reading?
Intuitive consultant Monique Chapman shares:
  • How to get a psychic reading or intuitive consultation from a reputable source
  • How psychic/intuitive information is revealed
  • How the soul can be read
  • How to pick the right intuitive consultant or psychic
  • Does the price of the intuitive consultation determine the accuracy of the session
  • The importance of checking out the intuitive consultant/psychics website, Yelp reviews, Facebook page and other social media.
  • How to stop an intuitive consultation if it is not working for you
How Intuitive Consultant Monique Chapman approaches a psychic/intuitive consultation

I start with asking you your given name at birth. Why? Because that is the energy that your soul came to earth with and I read your soul’s energy.

Intuitive consultant Monique ChapmanThen I give you an analysis of your aura and chakras.  Often the information comes in the form of colors.  For example, If you have a lot of yellow in your aura you are generally very heady or intelligent but you do not allow any one person know all about you. Different colors can have different meanings for everyone.  Again, I am reading your soul’s essence.  Now keep in mind this is just a generalization for this recording.

As I examine the 7 layers of your aura and chakras the information that is presented will cover some aspects of what you want to know about. We can discuss them further when I am done.  Then I share the angels and spirit guides if any that are present at that time.

My next question is … does this make sense to you?  Do you want to continue?  It is at this point that we determine if we have made a connection. If no connection, which is rare, but it can happen, I refund your money and wish you well.  If we have a connection, we finish our session.   Don’t forget I will always ask you for your questions.

If you are having a 15-minute session.  I’ll have you get right to it and ask your questions. We can get to the core of your concerns in a short period of time if you stay focused. The 15-minute session is available by phone only.