Sex and relationships are today’s topics! Do you love sex?  Want more meaningful sex? Are you struggling with your sexual relationship?

Anya Laeta is a  San Francisco based Somatic Sex and Intimacy Coach with the focus on embodiment practices and Tantra. She coaches individuals and couples to understand and use their sexuality to

  • connect deeper with themselves and others
  • find the courage to ask for what they really want
  • develop relationships that are loving and passionate
  • expand their definitions of sex and pleasure

Sex and relationship issues we discuss

  • Embodied sex
  • Physical safe sex
  • Emotional safe sex
  • Porn addiction
  • Desire and Intimacy
  • Common sex struggles
  • Can a relationship with a libido mismatch be saved
  • Working on increased sexual intimacy
  • Expressing your sexual needs
  • Body image and sex
  • Orgasm’s spiritual meaning
  • Rekindling passion after many years of a sexless marriage
  • The difference between sex therapy and sex coaching
  • The language of sex
  • Low desire and performance anxiety
  • How to stop attracting the same relationships that never work out
  • How to put the kinkiness back into sex without feeling ostracized


Another component of sex and intimacy is the attachment aspect.  We attach ourselves to others for various reasons. Discover your attachment style. Are you anxious, secure, avoidant, or something else?  Anya offers a deeply discounted course for my listeners at  UDEMY – Stop Struggling in Relationships – Learn attachment theory.

Learning your attachment theory will help you discover how to have a more successful and fulfilling dating experience. Once you learn why you act and feel the way you do in romantic relationships, your chances of attracting and keeping that love of your life increases dramatically.

Anya is based in San Francisco, California; however, she works with people worldwide. Contact her through her website