Danielle Dulsky talks about her new book The Holy Wild: A Heather Bible For The Untamed Woman

Danielle Dulsky’s work is rooted in the wild feminine, or humanity’s deep and embodies connection to the natural world, which she explores though writing, multimedia art, motherhood, Witchcraft, yoga teaching, and energy healing.

The world has more or less survived almost two years of having Donald Trump as President of the United States. In this oppressive paradigm, so many people ( Female, Male, or beyond the gender binary) are finding brand new strength they never knew they had through bonding with each other online and in person. The reclaiming process includes re-connecting with a deep, wild, and instinctual feminine power. Holy Wild is the bible to accompany this reclamation process, grounding spiritual practice into daily life- bringing magic into the every day.

We talk aboutThe Holy Wild

  • The Triple Goddess
  • The Tripe God
  • Wild spirituality
  • Importance of creating your own spiritual path
  • The dark holy
  • Sanctity of body and earth
  • Returning to our natural spiritual essence
  • The Witchcraft movement
  • Rituals
  • Magic
  • Earth elements
  • Millennials and witchcraft