Danielle Dulsky – Woman Most Wild Three Keys to Liberating the Witch Within

Website: DanielleDulsky.com

woman most wildDo you know who you truly are in the deepest pit of your soul?  In the darkest, shadowy corner of your being?  Woman Most Wild can help you discover your true self.  This is NOT your typical witch story.  No woo woo, spell casting advice, or hexing here!

Danielle enlightens is on the three keys to liberating the witch within

  • Alignment with the cycles of nature
  • Understanding the importance of ritual
  • Bonding with a circle of like-minded seekers

We will talk about the triple Goddess – maiden, creative mother and wise crone

  • Just what is a witch anyway?
  • Following the cycles of the moon to enhance your life
  • Finding your inner witch.  It is not what you may think
  • Religion and witchcraft
  • The importance of activism

Danielle Dulsky,  the author of Woman Most Wild, is an artist, yoga teacher, energy worker, and founder of Livingwoman most wild Mandala Yoga teacher training programs. She leads women’s circles, Witchcraft workshops, and energy healing trainings and lives in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania.