Kysha Brown Robinson principal at Compositions Consulting talks about how transformative coaching will help you to have the life you desire.

Ms. Brown’s clients Dr. Roxanne Franklin and Asante Salaam join us to share their experience and success working with Kysha.

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When we stand at the intersection of creativity and business, we’re looking for the next innovation – the next big idea. So the question I ask is – WHO’S DOING THE STANDING? Who are we as designers and innovators, and how have we prepared ourselves for the creative process and the challenges of today’s business environment.

We talk about
  • Universal Law of Inspired Action
  • Law of Attraction
  • Dr. Roxanne Franklin success story using Ms. Brown’s program
  • Asante Salaam’s success story using Ms. Browns program
  • How New Orleans has benefited from the ladies success
  • How to discover who you truly are
  • Living your life’s purpose
  • Creating a blueprint to bring into 3D what you want

This isn’t a woo-woo take on self-help, but rather a contemporary look at ancient principles paired with modern science. My work takes people to the intersection of what’s sacred and what’s backed by science and points the way to key decisions we can each make to fuel our personal and professional success.

As a publisher and author with more than 20 years experience, I can share the connections between metaphysical practices and African spiritual systems that help listeners create their own Sacred Excellence Blueprint so they can have more success than they every thought possible. My specialty is helping people get in the flow so they can connect, create and innovate, and I think this is right in line with the work you share on your show.

Kysha Brown Robinson is a synergizer! She is here to share her transformative coaching -bringing clarity, structure and effectiveness to aligning and synergizing our energy and
resources to produce results in what matters to us. As principal of Compositions Consulting and Coaching, Kysha is sought after for coalition support and coordination because of her distinct abilities to listen to diverging ideas and find the common commitment. In her work with women, nonprofit leaders, and executives, she is known for her unique ability to bring humanity to challenging, competitive spaces.