Activist Jeanie Cisco-Meth provides powerful information to help anyone who has experienced bullying in the past or is suffering at the brunt of bullying now.  Her best-selling book Bully Proofing You: Improving Confidence And Personal Value Fron The Inside Out.   
Provides groundbreaking information to heal and stop the often life taking energy of bullying.

She is offering a free copy of the book – Text PBY to 55678

We Talk aboutbully proofing you

  • The psychology of bullying
  • Why hurt and insecure people bully
  • How to gain a clear sense of your personal value
  • Advice for parents whose children experience bullying
  • Does bullying really exist between our ears?
  • The Importance of claiming your worth
  • Steps to stop bullying
  • Suicide and bullying
  • Where to seek help if  you are a bully


About the author

Two-time bestselling author, a professional speaker, experienced educator, and parent, Jeanie Cisco-Meth shares her scientifically proven system for improving communications and decreasing conflict. She has written many magazine articles, been quoted in Forbes, and is a paid contributor for TheBlaze. She has been a guest on radio stations across the country. She has appeared on ABC Free Speach TV, and others.