G.Brian Benson shares how to use the habits for success to create inspired ideas to help you soar.

Brian Benson teaches how you can create habits for success just by living your everyday life.He draws from his real life experiences of being an award-winning author, actor, and four time Iron-man Triathlete to help you break through your fears and untrue belief systems to create a whole new successful you!

We Talk About

How intuition contributes to your success

Finding your comfort zone

Stepping out of your comfort zone with grace

Why people choose to stay stuck

Success by not taking over the family business

How to live in the moment

How to move past distractions

Social cons and pros

The importance of self-acceptance

An hour a day keeps depression away

Being yourself to free yourself

Judgment vs Observation

The healing power of boldly saying yes and no

Failure and the lessons it provides

Living life proactively and not reactively

The dream killer called perfection

Self love and self acceptance

Brian reads the following poem on air

A Minute of Failure

A minute of failure can lead one to grow
Or tumble and stumble to the depths far below
The decision is yours, what to do when you fall
To pack up and quit or stand firm and tall

Everyone fails; it’s natural and true
It’s part of the process to grow and become new
So pick yourself up and give try again
If you find yourself failing, it’s a fleeting trend

Don’t give in to failure or you will never be set free
It’s for those who don’t believe, and lack vision to truly see
Keep standing; keep standing, each time you fall down
Your true nature will emerge, your spirit abound
– G Brian Benson