Chinese Holistic Medicine

 Chinese Holistic Medicine in Your Daily Life 

Steven Cardoza, MS, LAc


Sick and tired of being sick and tired?  Traditional Western medicine either failing you or you can no longer afford it?  Have health issues? Chinese Holistic Medicine to the rescue. Listen to this show for answers! Dr. Cardoza explains how to work with Chinese herbs, where to get them and how to utilize them effectively.  Chinese medicine works with the meridian system to pinpoint areas of stuck chi, open the channels and thus promote healing physically, mentally and emotionally.
The book is a bible regarding Chinese medicine and reference book combined to help you to quickly work with the information presented.

If you are serious about getting a strong hold on your health. Chinese Holistic Medicine is a valuable resource. The healthcare system in the US is in peril, however, there are effective complementary tools and healing methodologies that work. Take control of your health now.

Bio: Steven Cardoza, M.Sc., L.Ac., is a licensed acupuncturist, herbalist, body worker, medical qigong practitioner, and nutrition counselor with a private practice in the Boston area. He is certified to teach Wu taiji and qigong by Daoist lineage holder Master B.K. Frantzis. Some of his other qigong teachers include 13th generation lineage holder of China’s E Mei tradition, Master Fu Weizhong; and Master Hong Liu, author of The Healing Art of Qigong. Steven is recognized by the States of California and Massachusetts as a continuing education provider for licensed acupuncturists.