Ann Grant, JD talks candidly about divorce and untying the know in her number one rated book The Divorce Hackers Guide To Untying The Knot: What Every Woman needs to Know about Finances, Child Custody, Lawyers, and Planning Ahead

Considering divorce? Ann’s advice is  as soon as the marriage is in trouble take steps to protect yourself.  Untying the knot can be stressful however with Ann’s guidance you will get what you deserve!

We Talk aboutThe divorce hackers guide to untying the knot

  • Why unemployed women should get a job prior to filing for divorce
  • When it is necessary to hire a forensic accountant
  • Steps women should take before filing for divorce
  • The new tax law that impacts alimony
  • What to do if unhappy with your lawyer
  • Divorce and retirement – yes you do have rights
  • Custody and divorce
  • Divorcing the narcissist/bully
  • Remedy for forged documents
  • Why you need two credit cards in your name only before divorce
  • What to do if you feel intimidated
  • Mindfulness/meditation


Each day 2,400 divorces are filed. Each week 16,800 divorces are filed and each year an astounding 876,000 divorces occur in the United States.

Feelings of loss, grief, and rage are common during divorce. But one of the most debilitating feelings women going through divorce experience is paralyzing impotence- yes even the strong ones.  The ones that think we have it all together. While a woman may act forcefully to protect her children during the process, she is less likely to be as vigilant about her own well-being,

A multi-million dollar- industry has been built around taking advantage of women who are going through divorce. The system is stacked against them. However you can come out on top if you are prepared!

Ann’s book provides step by step assessments, checklists,and to-do lists that are broken down into manageable segments allowing for action not overwhelm!

Throughout the book The Divorce Hacker’s guide to Untying the Knot Ann shows women how to get what they need, let go of what is not working avoid common pitfalls, and create a new and better life.

Ann E, Grant, JD began her career as a corporate litigator, specializing in unfair business practices and consumer fraud. After her divorce, she created her own firm, focusing on family law and a holistic approach to this life transition. She practices is Manhattan Beach, California

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