Featured book: Dreamworking How To Listen to the Inner Guidance of Your Dreams

Guest: Dr. Christopher Sowton, ND

Website: www.christophersowton.com

Everyone dreams all of the time.  Do you remember yours?   Remembering our dreams via dreamworking is like having a psychic reading.  They tell us what is coming up in our lives.  All we have to do it pay attention.

Christopher explains how we can remember and then interpret our dreams.  This is not the old-school dream book. Dreamworking shows us how to delve deep into our dreams even years after they occur.

Dream language is a unique way to enhance our lives by paying attention in our sleeping state. One can create love, improved finances, and a better understanding of self through our dreams.

Drawing on Christopher’s 20 years of clinical experience and study in dreamwork, the book covers:

  • Effective questions to use in dream facilitation
  • Why we should pay attention to our dreams
  • The language of dreams
  • Spotting the metaphor or figure of speech in a dream
  • The problem of fixed meanings and superstitions
  • How to get oriented within a dreamscape
  • How to help connect the dream to the dreamer’s life
  • fourteen universal dream motifs and how to work with them
  • How to differentiate negative figures in dreams
  • Birth and baby dreams and what they tell us
  • How to approach sexual dreams