Learn how eating the colors of the Rainbow heal the body for optimum health.

Cheryl Meyer, Get Over It! Podcast health coach is back for another installment for optimal health. We talk about how eating a variety of colors will heal your cells and heal your body. Cheryl is the author of the award-winning book It Feels Good to Feel Good: Learn to eliminate toxins reduce inflammation and feel great again

You can listen to her previous podcast here on his channel and check out her website cherylmhealthmuse.com

Is eating the colors of the rainbow necessary for optimal health?

The quality of your food does matter! Don’t think so? Just ask someone over 40 with a plethora of health issues. They will say that when they eat clean and colorful, they feel better. Is eating clean or eating the colors of the rainbow necessary? Of course not! But if you want optimal health clean and colorful is the way to go.

We talk about

  • Benefits of eating the colors of the rainbow
  • Benefits of the different color groups
  • How consuming color of the rainbow food groups aligns with the aura and chakras
  • Inflammation and eating the colors of the rainbow
  • Not just veggies – how beans, herbs grains, and nuts are colors of the rainbow
  • Does meat hold the colors of the rainbow?
  • How to repair a leaky gut by eating colors of the rainbow
  • The value of eating live food
  • Green foods that heal the heart and lungs
  • Manage acne by eating the colors of the rainbow