Get Over it! Podcasts healthmuse Cheryl  Meyer is back to kick off our 10 part series on Food Quality Matters. Get healthy now!

Cheryl is an integrative Nutrition Coach and anti-toxin advocate. Her passion is to assist people in obtaining their best possible health.  She provides a wealth of knowledge to assist you along your journey to optimal health. She is available for health coaching at

Do you realize that you could be poisoning yourself every day with the foods you eat?  Are you confused about GMO’s Natural  Organic and other types of foods labeling?  Want  the truth to make clear conscious decisions?

In this episode, we will coverGet Over It! Podcast health muse Cheryl Meyer

  • What is GMO
  • Category One  BT Toxins
  • Roundup ready foods
  • Clean eating
  • Gut Health
  • The Dirty Dozen foods you should avoid
  • The Clean 15 – food you should ingest
  • Living foods
  • Gluten allergy of food sensitive – the answer may surprise you

The food industry in the United States is big business, and they are equally prominent in assisting us in getting sick! The conventional doctors don’t know what to do as they have little to no nutritional training. Nutritionist trained in the Standard American Diet program is slowly poisoning us.  The SAD diet has been proven to be not healthy, but it is still promoted in some health circles.

It is time to take control of your health by having the knowledge of what is healthy and unhealthy for you.

Here is a link for FREE information on 20 Ways to save on organic food. You will also have access to The Dirty Dozen and The Clean 15.


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