Let go of Emotional Baggage, Release Toxic Beliefs, and Clear the Mental Blocks to Your Goals with Mind Detox

Much of our chronic conditions, repetitive behaviors, and emotional problems can be traced to unresolved past events stuck in the unconscious mind and to unhealthy belief systems we developed in our past that are no longer serving us in the present.

Heal from emotional bagage and toxic beliefs

Sandy Newbigging presents a deceptively simple yet potent 5- step method for detoxing unconscious mind to resolve physical, emotional, and life problems.

Mind Detox: Discover And Resolve The Root Causes of Chronic Conditions And Persistent Problems

Sandy Newbigging's book Mind Detox

We talk about

  • Emotions and our health
  • Stress beliefs
  • The secret source of stress
  • What we resist persist
  • Mind-body monitoring
  • Why compassion is key
  • Peace is possible
  • The Pink Light Technique
  • The root cause of our issues
  • Let go of emotional baggage
  • Release toxic beliefs
  • Clear mental blocks
  • Achieve goals
  • Create the life you desire
  • How to have a healthy belief system

Mind detox helps to release toxic beliefs, emotional problems to get to the root cause of your issues. Achieve your goals!

Newbigging shares personal stories if how he used Mind Detox in his own life. He explains how to roll back in time to discover the significant emotional event, the root -cause experience, that shaped the core beliefs that trigger your chronic condition or behavior patterns. Releasing you from your root-cause events, the past events no longer negatively impact you today, you find peace in the present, and your body becomes more able to heal.


Sandy C. Newbigging is a coaching and meditation expert, author, and creator of Calmology. His books inclide Mind Calm, Body Calm, Calm Cure, and Think!. Shaped by thousands of hours of clinical prcticem his remrkable work has been featured on television stations around the world. The founder of the Calm Academy, Snady facilitates retreats and trainings; He lives between the UK and Spain and travels widely.