Heal Yourself with Health Muse Cheryl Meyer. Reverse inflammation by eliminating toxins.


Cheryl’s new book –  It Feels Good To Feel Good: Learn to Eliminate Toxins, Reverse Inflammation and Feel great again.


Website: www.cherylmhealthmuse.com

Are you sick and tired about being sick and tired?  Have you been to the doctor who could not provide answers and sent you to psychiatry? Do you want to start Living life again?

The information shared by Cheryl can help!

We talk aboutheal yourself with health muse Cheryl meyer

  • The root cause of all disease
  • The quality  of food we put into our system
  • The advantages of Functional Medicine
  • Why plastic is poisoning us …yes even BP free
  • Sensitivity Tests
  • The importance of water purification
  • Organic and GMO foods
  • Household cleaning solutions
  • Stress – How it poisons us – how to reduce with breathing

The root cause approach to disease Stops and searches to find the genesis of disease. By taking care of your body and healing your gut, your body has an amazing ability to cure itself.

Functional doctors might still prescribe pharmaceuticals, but that would be in addition to focusing on helping the body heal its different systems to work together. In most cases, this is done by eating healthy, using herbs, and some supplements.

Cheryl’s approach healing to heal through food and clearing out toxins would be in addition to what your own doctor (functional or conventional) has prescribed for you to do and doesn’t interfere with his or her recommendations for you in any way.

>She has learned that the gut is the second brain. If you don’t have a healthy gut, and great poop, you can’t have a healthy body. This is usually the first place to start.

Having a healthy gut improves mood, digestion, poop, your hormones, your liver, your sugar level, your cholesterol, your mind. It is where inflammation is born and where it will die. Having a healthy gut improves everything.

Food is Medicine. Eliminating your inflammation triggers will heal your pain.

Cheryl has a BA  from University of California Berkeley 1971
Certified Integrative Nutrition Coach – Institute of Integrative Nutrition©.