Dr.Marni Feuerman talks about her latest book Ghosted and BreadCrumbed: Stop Falling for Unavailable Men and Get Smart about Healthy Relationships. If you are dating a married man, a narcissist, or in an unhealthy relationship, Ghosted and Breadcrumbed will show you a way to heal and move on.

This show explores how women who find themselves in a never-ending loop of sporadic texting, mixed Ghosted and breadcrumbedmessages, and other poor treatment by men they are editing( or think they are dating!). This show shares exactly what women need right now for women to take back their power in asking for what they want in their relationships and intimate connections.

Why do women keep falling for people who never return their feelings? The object of their affection may be emotionally unavailable, married or even pathologically cruel. With empathy and compassion, the information shared in Ghosted and Breadcrumbed helps women see their situation clearly, then guides them toward understanding the historical, emotional, and psychological reasons behind their actions. Most importantly after listening to the podcast and reading the book, women can make better choices for themselves.

We talk about

    How the chemistry of lust and fantastic sex will keep you in a state similar to addiction
    How real love is balanced and reciprocal nor unrequited
    90 % of cheating married men do not leave or if they do, they marry someone else
    Nonmonogamous incapable of being faithful
    Emotional unavailability vs emotional abuse
    How your upbringing affects your decisions in relationships
    Magical thinking – he really loves me but made a mistake in marrying her
    The three attachment styles
    Believing your love will fix him
    Blaming the wife for his inability or refusal to leave her
    He says that in of the past relationships the women were crazy
    A soulmate is not necessarily what you think it is
    Dating do’s and don’ts
    Limerence and how does it go wrong
    Why women stay in relationships with married men

Dr. Marn Feuerman is a licensed social worker and marriage and family therapist with a private practice counseling those with relationship issues. She also trains therapist to do couples therapy and writes about love relationships for a number of online media. She lives in Boca Raton, FLorida. www.thetalkingsolution.com